a blogger’s sentiments

I started writing online in 2005 during the peak of the social networking site (the one that started it all), Friendster.  One and a half years later, just out of the blue (and reflecting what I’ve been going through at that moment), I deleted that Friendster account. In that same period, which was in 2007, I rediscovered and joined Multiply.  It became my online journal for the past five years.

It came as a surprise, no, a shock to receive the news that effective December 1, 2012, Multiply will be removing its social networking features (blogs, reviews, photo-sharing etc.) to give way to their business plan of fully concentrating on marketplace online selling, or ecommerce, which has now become their niche.

The news, or the bad news to put it more accurately, actually gave me anxiety attack.  Should I also say, indescribable sadness?  For it felt like somebody broke up with me.  I mean, five years of writing, pouring my heart out in Multiply is no joke!  So it is hard right now to pack my bags and just leave as if nothing happened.

I might, however, just delete many of the articles I wrote there while a few very special ones I will save so it would be easy for me to clean up the contents in that site.  There are things that I have to let go to give way to new memories and experiences to come.

Jeez, this really feels like breaking up with a boyfriend for five years.  And I will have to start all over again.

WordPress is now my new home, a new beginning.  Though it is painful to leave Multiply due to sudden change, I brought with me some of the good memories of my stay there.  Here, in this new home, I posted some of my favorite posts from that old home.  I call it The Best of “Living well is the best revenge” (theuntouchableone.multiply.com).  Just check out the previous posts.


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