like many good things, it started with a problem

They seem attracted to each other. At first, there was no malice at all with their interactions. Everything was all about work, work, work, simply focusing on the task at hand. The girl found it cool to meet a guy who is very professional, very helpful, and willing to go the extra mile just to assist her, and perhaps, just like any of his client. The boy, on the other hand, found her cute and entertaining with the way the girl expresses her complaints, her being animated, her being inquisitive. It was all because of one problem that let these two strangers, a boy and a girl, meet.

Both of them have no idea if the other is already in a relationship so they keep their dealings in a professional way. After all, they’re only there to work. Being good employees that they are, and understanding their boundaries, they carried out their respective duties just fine. The boy found it awkward that there is something endearing about the girl while the girl was even more surprised that she’s having a crush on a guy she happens to see not just only once, twice but a couple of times regarding a problematic business transaction. So they keep this strange feeling to themselves (unknown to each other) thinking it will eventually die down sooner or later.

But.. they like each other. They really do. It becomes very obvious when the guy remembers in exact detail the time and the day the girl last visited, their last conversation, no matter how long that was. He never forgets to mention her name more than once when he is talking with her. It becomes obvious when the girl would give him a sweet smile in exchange for his kind gestures. She made him laugh a few times.


Written on February 16, 2011- The Best of “Living well is the best revenge” (


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