a taste of heaven

I have this favorite dining place which I discovered last June in my favorite mall, my mall, the Robinsons Galleria.  It’s called La Creperie.  They have the best crepes in the whole wide world!

So far, what I’ve tried are Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat and Choco Fudge Brownie Crepe.  I already brought my older sister there twice, my treat, and how she loves the crepes!  When my younger brother celebrated his 31st birthday last August 9 and I promised him that I will bring him and Tatay to Ortigas so we could dine in La Creperie and since I changed my mind the last minute to save us gas in going there, I instead gave him a P200.  We are grownups but we remained kids at heart whenever we are at home and I was happy to see my brother turned into an overgrown preschooler who was delighted receiving money from me as a gift.  He had heard the rave reviews from me and our older sister regarding this small fine dining restaurant called La Creperie.

Amid all the bullshit and what-the-fuck moments in life, dining in La Creperie takes away all the discomfort and heartaches even though it is only temporary.  I pity those drug addicts who would take prohibited drugs to get a certain kind of “high” in their already depressing condition.   I pity those people who are wasting their time away with useless activities, partying every night, abusing their bodies to forget their problems.  Yes, life is hard.  Yes, problems and trials are never-ending.  But when you think about it, there is always a way to make our life better, to still feel positive despite the unpleasantness and ugliness of this world.  And for me, one of my ways to feel good in this thing called life is going to La Creperie with my sister, or most of the time, just by myself.

Here is my super favorite Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat. 


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  1. What is your shoe size? Nice essays Jezzamine! I enjoy reading them. Post also the picture of your house bec. I haven’t seen. I’m thinking to come to the Phils. on Feb. 2013 for the school reunion in San Fernando, La union.

    1. Pwede po bang cash na lang then I’ll buy my own shoes? Minsan kasi size 6, minsan size 7.

  2. Regarding the pictures of our house, I’ll just send it through your email. Can’t promise when.

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