“the middle” by jimmy eat world

First heard this song back in 2004, at my then favorite FM station Jam 88.3. One of those best songs that I listen to to inspire myself, especially when I am in the middle of any existential dilemmas or any chaotic situation.  Truly, without music, life is a journey through a desert.

I originally wanted to post the music video of the song, where the band is there performing it, but I didn’t like how the video was done.  For the music video and the song do not match each other, just filled with trash and useless details that got no connection to the song.

And then I saw this video of a guy displaying his prowess in drum playing.  Just love the execution!  He didn’t distract me in listening to the lyrics of  “The Middle”, in fact, it added more impact to the song, a song that I find one of the best songs ever written for humankind!  Okay, I’m exaggerating here but I hope you got my point.

If I were to become a musician, I wanna be a drummer just like this guy in this video playing his drums to the tune of my favorite song,  Jimmy Eat Worlds’ The Middle.


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