suddenly it’s magic

“One day a man will come to your life who will make you forget that your heart was ever broken.”

The line above was never really mentioned in the movie, Suddenly It’s Magic.  It was actually uttered by TV host Toni Gonzaga to Popstar Princess Sarah Geronimo during their one-on-one interview.  I heard this twice from Toni already, first, when she was interviewing Sarah in The Buzz, and second, when Sarah was interviewing her in Sarah G. Live.  What a coincidence that the rare times that I see these two people talking with each other in front of the camera, Toni (who is in a five-year relationship with director Paul Soriano, the man that she proudly tells everyone in front of national television as the “man that made me forget that my heart was ever broken”) would repeat those words of wisdom to Sarah.  And each time, Sarah would just embarrassingly smile or just laughed about it.

I’m sharing this stuff because the line that Toni loved to advise to Sarah is actually the theme or the message of Suddenly It’s Magic starring our very own Erich Gonzales and Mario Maurer, a popular actor from Thailand.

Erich (I forgot her character’s name) was dumped by her fiancé on their wedding day so since that day onward, she felt like a failure.  She became jaded about being in a relationship again.  Then she rediscovered her passion for baking, the only thing that she felt she was very good at.  So she focused her whole heart and attention to her baking business, singlehandedly doing all the baking herself to help her forget the guy who made her heart broken.  So she baked lots and lots of cupcakes, pastries, wedding cakes, and she was successful enough to establish a good relationship with some restaurants that provided for her a constant income and productivity, just what she needed to combat her loneliness.

Then Erich met this foreign customer (Mario Maurer) who in the beginning was giving her “epoxy eyes” signifying his attraction but complaining later about the shockingly bad taste of her cupcake which Erich, as if her life depended on it, tried to disprove.  That it would be impossible to say that her cupcakes tasted that bad because if there was anything that she could proudly tell everyone that she was very good at, it was baking.  She could accept somebody telling her that she failed in other aspects of her life but for somebody to tell her that her cupcake was a failure, that she couldn’t accept.  She was crying when she was saying this.

The story of a boy meets girl started on the wrong foot so the boy, being a gentleman at heart, tried to make it all up to her.  The girl kept ignoring the boy, including the boy’s romantic feelings for her.  But the boy was persistent.  He was hopeful.  The boy’s guts didn’t go to waste for the girl, upon the encouragement of her family, upon being convinced with the boy’s sincerity, finally took the risk and let herself go.  She fell in love with the boy.

So in love that she agreed to be with Marcus (Mario’s character) in Thailand.

Marcus was a very popular actor in a very popular love team.  So conflicts began to appear when Marcus’ handlers (which included his mom) learned about this Filipina girlfriend that he brought with him.  They were worried that it might affect his loveteam, his whole career— a career that he worked hard for to get to where he was.  Indeed, there were many times that Marcus gave more priority to his girlfriend than the taping or a shoot that he was supposed to attend.  Indeed, it led to many cancelled auditions and projects which made Marcus’ handlers go ballistic.  They reminded Marcus to clean up his act or else he would lose his career.  The pressure was high that it came to a point that media would describe Erich as the “ugly” girlfriend.  The pressure was high that fans of Marcus’ loveteam with an equally famous young actress would give Erich nasty looks and scary threats.  The pressure was high that it came to a point where Marcus’ mom was asking him to choose between his career or his girlfriend.  The pressure was high that it also came to a point that Marcus’ mom was asking Erich to break up with his son so he could reach his dreams.

Marcus and Erich separated…  temporarily though.

Because after focusing in their respective careers for quite some time, after giving each other freedom, Marcus and Erich feelings for each other never faded away.  Because in the ending, the movie showed us Marcus and Erich back together again, kissing each other.

The whole time, many of the girls in the audience were gushing over Mario Maurer.  I would always hear a scream, “Aahh, he’s so cute!!!,” “Mario!!” It didn’t matter to them how the movie was made (to me, it was made just to please the fans, it was all for “kilig”) for what only mattered to them was how Mario Maurer acted, looked, moved, and made pa-cute all throughout the movie.

Movie trailer


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