a date with myself

I turn 34 years old today.

So I took a half day from work, went to settle my loan balance in social security  (no more debts!)) and I started saving again, made my first deposit on this day,  my birthday.  I am now in La Creperie, my favorite restaurant in my favorite mall Robinsons Galleria and just enjoyed the crepe that I would order over and over again since the day I discovered the restaurant five months ago, and it’s called Mango Hazelnut au Chocolat.  It’s my birthday so there is no better place for me to celebrate it quietly but only in La Creperie.

The place is very intimate (if you’re a guy, it’s a good venue to bring your date), relaxing, elegant, and feels like I’m in France because of the background music.  There is only one crew doing the role of a waiter (his name is Paul) while the rest (three of them) are back in the kitchen preparing the food, in-charge of the cash register.  The service,  I am impressed!  I love going back here over and over again.  The food I ordered is expensive but that’s alright.  Because it’s my birthday. And on Sunday, I’ll be going back here again with my family as my birthday treat.

Thank you to the angels, to Jesus who’ve kept me away from harm these past 34 years because I’m still alive today.  “Get married,” people would always tell me just because I’m now in my 30s.  I get irritated whenever I get to hear that kind of remark wherever I go, like as if marriage is the happy ending, the last stage in this life where people can only live happily ever after.  But the future is right here, right now.  If my life were a movie, then my happy ending is what is happening right now:  a person alone in her favorite restaurant, got no debts, someone who is finally setting her priorities straight by starting to save, and writing about her thoughts, reflecting about her life using her three-month old netbook.

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