sadness, singlehood, and seizing the moment!

I am here to share my talents and abilities for the common good.  I am here to make the most of my life and savor it to its core! Not just the good and the beauty it gives (happiness, success, etc.), but including the bad and all its ugliness (sadness, failure, etc.).  Because that’s how we learn.  That’s how we can appreciate the few good things that we have.


If you feel sad, then be sad! Because that’s what you truly feel.  It’s a natural human emotion.

With your sadness, don’t do something about it.  DO SOMETHING WITH IT!  Sadness is not a disease.  Sadness, to me, is an important experience.  For it teaches you to be real.  To be human.  And it forces you to move.  To examine yourself.  It can also move you to greater heights!

Sadness has helped writers write the best story they’ve ever written.  Sadness has helped musicians compose the best song or music ever sung or played.  Sadness has helped artists paint the best work of art.  A selfish endeavor for the sake of healing oneself that turned into something selfless because of the inspiration it brings to other people who are going through something.

Sadness can be a gift.  It’s not a wonderful emotion but it’s a gift that only you can understand and learn from. It’s uncomfortable but it will tell you who you are at a particular moment.

And if you’re happy, be happy!  But just because you feel happy doesn’t give you the right to exploit other people who aren’t.  It doesn’t give you the right to be arrogant.  Remember, everything is temporary.  Happiness is temporary.  Sadness is temporary.


Seize the moment (but keep one eye to the present and the other to the future).  Everything has its consequences.  Every cause has its effect.  So don’t waste it. But don’t abuse it.  Don’t do something that will only hurt you and other people in the end. While you still have time, do what you love, do your own thing.  Despite the kontrabidas, despite some challenges, despite the unpleasant aspects in our lives, everyday each of us is given a chance to create a beautiful story according to the choices we make.


Be honest.  If you’ve done wrong, be honest.  If you commit a mistake, be honest.  As long as you’re alive, be honest.


Trust your instinct. The initial reaction/emotion/thought you have is often more reliable. Use it as your guide in dealing with people.


Live your own life.  So what if you’re single?  So what if you still don’t have kids at age 40?  Just follow what you feel is right for you.  Believe me, married or not, we all go through the same thing, the same crap.  Misery will always be there, whether you’re single or married.  Problems will always be there, whether you’re single or married. Your civil status is not that important. It’s what goes on deep within you that matters the most.


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