in a league of her own

simply sarahI won’t be ashamed to say this.

This simple girl is one of those people that I consider as my inspiration.  She is my idol.  She is my role model.  She is Sarah Geronimo.


Because she used to be that singer whom I hated for a certain period of time because of her style of singing and genre of songs, so baduy.

Because she used to be that singer whom I’d wished would disappear from the music scene because I thought she was just one of those newbie singers way back in 2004 who would just try to clone, copy the style of the famous Regine Velasquez  to shortcut their way to stardom.

Because she used to be that singer who’d just sing ballads, so boring.

When she joined ABS-CBN  and became a regular host and performer of the musical variety show ASAP, here, the higher ups thought of showcasing a different side of her.  So they came up with a special segment in the show called “The Other Side of Sarah.”

Instead of seeing the usual teenybopper Sarah singing ballads, high pitch songs, merely standing all the time, we would be seeing her sing all kinds of genre.  Which means she would also dance!  And boy, what a pleasant surprise it was?  She really can dance!

It instantly became a hit and several months after it became “Sarah on Stage” which became a sought-after segment in the show.  On my part, it became the only segment that I looked forward to in the show. And I remember getting teary-eyed after her performance.

That moment will prove that this simple girl whom I hated for a certain period of time has transformed me into an avid fan of hers!  I love that she metamorphosed into an act of her own, in a league of her own.  Now, showbusiness would refer to her as Beyonce of the Philippines.

And despite all of her achievements, recognitions, product endorsements which only show her growing popularity, it is amazing that she remains simple and humble and shy, and more importantly, a good daughter when she is offstage. But once she is out there to perform in front of an audience, whether big or small, she becomes this possessed person, totally into the moment, giving her all.  And we, the audience, love it!

sarah on fire

She is not just a singer, she is also an actress (I watched all her movies!), a dancer, and a host.  She now has her own solo show every Sunday in ABS-CBN called “Sarah. G. Live.”  She is now 24 and I can’t help but wonder what life has in store for her in the next six years or so.

As time goes by, I am amazed with her effort to always improve herself, to improve her craft.  And learning about this made me realize that she is not in showbusiness just for the money (well, initially it was the money because her family was poor), she is in showbusiness because she loves the stage and she enjoys what she does. And now she is doing it for a noble purpose:  to entertain people with her performances, to make people happy, because she knows how difficult life is.  No wonder money runs after her.

Gary Valenciano, you now have a female version.  Because like you, Sarah Geronimo is a total performer.

Here is one of my many favorite performances of hers.


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