late again

Last day of January and I’m late again.  My eighth late for the month.  And I’ve probably spent more than a thousand pesos on those days that I took a taxi cab when situation dictates that I’d be arriving late in the office again.  Aside from this, I must also have spent a thousand pesos during those days when taxi cab was nowhere to be found and I’d grab a jeepney instead.

The problem with riding a jeepney is that it has to be fully-occupied by passengers before leaving the terminal and that would take 10 to 15 minutes or more than an hour— depending upon the demand and supply of passengers.  So for a habitual latecomer that I am (it always pains me to say this), this is a no-no.  For I’d be in trouble arriving late at work, or at my appointment.  So here is what happens:

When taxi cabs are nowhere to be seen/found, I’d quickly hop on any available jeep and would offer to pay for the vacant seats.  Each time,  both the driver and his assistant/dispatcher (the one who would collect the payment)  would be surprised and gladly accept.  (I have this belief that it was first time in history that somebody ever did that.)  Come to think of it, my “accidental” gesture would unburden them of strenuous effort barking out at passersby and would be passengers to ride their jeepney just so they could meet their daily income quota.

Aside from a taxi cab and a jeepney, one of my fastest means of transportation to deliver me from place A to place B is the tricycle.  From our house to the jeepney terminal, it would take me ten to fifteen minutes of walk.  Since I’m running after time, taking that few minutes walk would have a big impact to my punctuality and attendance, even state of well-being.  The chances of being late, the chances of feeling grumpy or moody would be high.  I don’t wanna risk it so I take every mode of transportation, regardless of the increase in my expenses, just so I could reach my destination. These are the ways and the means and the sacrifices that I had to do to combat my habitual tardiness.

I’ve written some months ago vowing not to be late EVER again.  And days after writing that I was late.  I failed.  Again and again.  Over and over.  I am aware of the many disadvantages of being late – salary deduction, grumpiness, lack of concentration because I’m annoyed at myself for being late again, teasing from officemates (“Hey, you’re too early for tomorrow’s work”), additional pressure to do my work efficiently – and I am also aware why I’m like this.

My basic problem:  laziness.

And because of laziness I lack discipline.

Tomorrow is the first day of February.  So I am seeking revenge.  My retaliation would be making it a point to be early from tomorrow onwards.  As in!  Grrr!


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