Lincoln_2012_Teaser_PosterI don’t have a vast knowledge regarding American history but I do know something about Abraham Lincoln.  He was the president of the United States who freed all black people from slavery by pushing for the 13th Amendment of the Constitution. He was one of those presidents who were assassinated but his assassination only made him more famous and close to the heart of people, not just to the people who were in favor of his advocacy during his time but also to people from all over the world many years or decades after who were/are strongly advocating for equality of all races.  He greatly inspired many and one of them is my boyfriend, Alex, who was with me to watch the movie Lincoln.

I am not well adept with American history, especially the civil war, so confusion arose while I was watching the movie.  Thank you to Alex, he explained to me some of the scenes.

Directed by Steven Spielberg, the movie focuses on the last four months of the life of President Abraham Lincoln.  The movie gave me a glimpse of the things that occurred during his fight for freedom for all black people which he didn’t do alone.  There were others who supported him, including those who were initially against him.  The movie gave me this once in a lifetime chance of seeing President Abraham Lincoln alive in front of my eyes.  Thank you to Daniel Day-Lewis who studied the mannerisms, attitude, and voice of Lincoln so for someone like me who never had any idea of what he was like as a president and as a person, I truly appreciated that.  And I really liked what I saw.

Lincoln was the most powerful man on earth.  As the 16th  president of the United States (1861-1865), he cleans his own shoes.  He was very humble when speaking to his subordinates, to soldiers and victims of oppression and war, even those to persons who were against him.  I find him to be a calm person, a soft-spoken person.  He was a tall man who walked awkwardly, an unassuming guy. Like every father in the world, he only wanted the best for his son, that is, for his son to become a lawyer like himself.  But his son wanted to be a soldier and though it broke his heart, he respected his son’s decision, wholeheartedly supporting him.  And not all fathers in the world are like that.

Movie trailer of “Lincoln”


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