close encounter with sarah geronimo

I’ve heard about how kind and accommodating she was when dealing with fans, admirers asking to take a picture beside her or autograph.  As her fan, I always imagine that a moment will come that I will be able to see her in flesh and take a picture with her.  Needless to say, it did come true!  Dreams can come true!  Although not the way I expected it.  Here’s what happened:

Me and Alex continued with our plan to date in Eco-Park despite our breakup a day before.  I’ve never been to Eco-Park while Alex has been a regular visitor there since he was a teenager and his last visit was like two years ago.

Look at that towering trees above.  I couldn’t let the moment go by without taking a picture.

The air was fresh and cool.  Despite the strong rays of the sun, I didn’t perspire a lot when I was there. I felt like Alex brought me to another planet.  There was too much nature going on that for someone like me who is exposed everyday to different kinds of pollution in the city, I felt overwhelmed and amazed in this fantasy world called Eco-Park.

This one really caught my attention.  There is really a God!  Nice design, God!

The Eco-Park is right beside the La Mesa Dam, where our drinking water comes from.

If you notice, there is a sign that says “No Camera and Video Taking”—I don’t get that!  I kept asking Alex why there was a sign?  It’s just a body of water?!  Would I turn blind if I take a snapshot? Would I pollute the water if I shoot?  Alex, just to stop my rampant questioning, volunteered to take one shot of the La Mesa Dam on my behalf using my digital camera.  (When I returned home, I asked my younger brother about it.  He guessed maybe there was a sign so as to prevent tourists from loitering and throwing litter there. Oh.  Okay.)

Here’s an overview of Eco-Park.  (Jeez, why can’t the whole Metro Manila be like this?)

As we were enjoying our sightseeing and our last date together, we chanced upon a film shooting.  I asked Alex that we take a sneak preview of what was going on.  We were too far and I couldn’t figure out the faces I was seeing so I asked Alex that we go nearer to get a better view.  As we were approaching the venue in close proximity, and saw this young woman going to our direction, I thought the face was familiar.  Then I shouted at that familiar face, “Sarah!”  She smiled but looked so tired.  She already has turned her back when I screamed again “Sarah!”  She didn’t look back.  “Ms. Sarah!”  I said out loud.  When she turned her head, I said in Tagalog, “May I request for a picture!”  She said okay and walked back towards me.

Oh my God!  I couldn’t believe I was standing next to her.  Before Alex took the picture of me and Sarah, he said in Tagalog with a wide smile, “She’s a big fan of yours!”  Sarah seemed like she heard nothing, just ready to post for picture.  I am sure Sarah has heard a zillion times people telling her that they’re a big fan of hers.  So I understood her non-reaction.  She doesn’t let “praises”enter her head.  Maybe that’s why she’s remained grounded. I said thank you to her right after, and gosh, she was fully made up and beautiful in person.  Her face is so small, flawless, typical to a celebrity.  She was so near to me yet so far.  It’s hard to explain.  She got this aura of a star!  In split seconds, she left.  It felt like a dream.  But I was the happiest person on earth.  This picture will prove it. (She’s wearing a wig here.)

Here I was looking starstrucked!  This is so embarrassing.  After seeing this picture, I feel like growing my hair long, putting a little makeup next time, wearing a more flattering clothes suitable to my body, and attempting to lose weight.



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