text messages

I got these a long time ago from my younger brother which he got from his friend which he then forwarded to me  and what I immediately included in my notebook where I do my compilation of inspiring quotes (yes, I do collect quotations).  Just thought of sharing.

Text message #1 “When misfortune happens”

A sailor was stuck in an island where he was the only survivor.  He made a hut for his shelter, day and night he’s praying and waiting for someone to rescue him but no one came.  He stored food in the hut for his survival, but one day the hut burned to ashes and nothing was left of it.  He was so angry, he said:  “God, why have you done this to me!”  The next morning rescuers came.  He asked: “How do you know that I’m here?” They replied:  “We saw a smoke signal.”

(Trust Him when misfortune happens.  His plans are always greater than yours!)

Text message #2 “Human philosophy”

Why was Snow White given an apple with poison?  To show that not all people that are kind to you are true.  They might have some agenda against you.

Why did Cinderella run away when the clock turned 12 midnight?  To remind us that everything has its limitations, even dreams!

Why did Ariel decide to exchange her fins with feet?  To show how far a person can go just to be happy.


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