it takes a man and a woman

It_Takes_a_Man_and_a_WomanThis movie is the Part III of the Laida Magtalas-Miggy Montenegro love story.

In “A very special love” (Part I), I saw its wonderful beginnings.  An ordinary girl having special feelings of love to a complete stranger, a boy who belongs to a family well-known in the business world.  Then the girl finally meets the man of her dreams when the former applied for an editorial assistant position in the latter’s men’s magazine and got accepted.  Then this is where the interesting and heartfelt story of a poor girl and a rich boy falling in love with each other unfolds.

In “You changed my life” (Part II), the story becomes more interesting when Laida and Miggy are now a couple who are still hopelessly in love with each other.  And it was exciting to witness here how their relationship goes, a poor girl and a rich boy, and how they will surpass the challenges and conflicts that are expected in a relationship.  Here, they will learn that being in a relationship doesn’t just involved two people.  Friends, family, work, career, and other factors will penetrate that relationship to test it.  And this series of test will either strengthen or weaken their relationship.

Now in “It takes a man and a woman” (Part III), Laida and Miggy are now ex-lovers.  Miggy has a new girlfriend while Laida is a balikbayan from New York, single but an accomplished woman in her own right.  Again, it is exciting to witness how the two deal with each other after two years of being apart.  Thanks to the Board of Directors, which included his half brothers and sister, when they decide to rehire Laida for Miggy’s publishing firm this time not as Miggy’s editorial assistant but as Miggy’s consultant.  This is where conflict will occur between the two, conflicts that are funny moments to us, the moviegoers.

It was music to my ear to hear other moviegoers roared with laughter and cheer just seeing the characters be themselves, acting out their different personas and weirdness and flaws making the story unforgettable and truly heartfelt.  And I’m not just talking about Laida (Sarah Geronimo) and Miggy (John Lloyd Cruz) here.  I’m also talking about the friends and colleagues of Laida and Miggy, the girlfriend of Miggy, and their families who all have small amount of exposure in the movie but gave impact and more meaning to the Laida Magtalas-Miggy Montenegro love story.  Of course it was a happy ending!

People are now debating which part is their favorite.  My older sister said she likes this one more.  I said I like all of the three parts.  First of all, though the first part was something that I often see in so many Filipino and Hollywood movies, you know, a boy-meets-girl type of story, nothing different, same old formula of a love story because of the usual happy ending but the amazing thing was, the director and her team brought it with a certain freshness because of the actors who played the two leading characters.  Of course I am talking about Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz.  I wouldn’t have loved Laida and Miggy if they were played by different actors.  Part I is certified kilig-to-the-bones movie!

In Part II, it was something that I would highly recommend to people in power who might have forgotten the true meaning of love.  For this movie will remind them that life is not just gaining more money or fame or recognition.  There is something more, always, there is something more than you can ever imagine.  Part II is again a certified kilig-to-the-bones movie but an improved version of the first in terms of screenplay.  There’s more depth to the story.

In Part III, this is where the story finally makes sense.  And becomes realistic, true.  Because come on, I don’t think a son of a business scion will marry someone who is just a lowly editorial assistant.  Though I’ve heard stories where a rich man marries a poor girl, most of the time the wife who comes from a poor family is being oppressed by her rich in-laws, or worse, by her rich husband.  This happens, really.  In the movie, however,  Laida transforms into this strong and assertive successful career woman where rich guy Miggy will fall head over heels in love with all over again.  And this is where things will fall into its rightful place.

Movie trailer of “It takes a man and a woman”


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