matters of the heart

First time I heard this album by Maegan Aguilar, I was so disappointed.  I thought it was going to be a hardrocking, earsplitting music judging by its album cover showing Maegan in a rockin’ and rollin’ stance.  It wasn’t, needless to say.  I found Maegan’s music slow and boring.  But despite that, I listened patiently to all the songs and after one play, put it on the shelf, together with my other collection.  It took a long time before I listened to it again.

They say that you can get a glimpse about what a person is going through based on the kind of music or favorite song he/she listens to at the moment.  I believe this to be true.  Because when I got heartbroken (and I’m still healing a broken heart), Maegan’s “slow and boring” music became the soundtrack of my so-called “lovelife” — at least,  at the moment.

In the album, Maegan’s “Di Kita Maiwasan” gave sentimentality to my post-breakup ongoing journey and it is for this reason that I suddenly and instantly liked the whole album. However, because Maegan sang it in a very tender and loving way she sounded more like she’s in love and not angry or sad.  The effect to the listener (that’s me) is more of the opposite– I wanna fall in love again.  Yes, I do wanna fall in love again while I was listening to this song. And yet when you listen to the lyrics, there is pain, regrets.  I also like “Pinaikot, Pinatagal, Pinahaba,” a song about untruthful relationships.  And Maegan sang it in a way that is calm, melancholic, introspective that it makes you wanna sit down and just think about the sweet memories with that special someone before the breakup.  But what really stands out in the album, one that I listen to again and again, is the song “Nawala,” another song about love lost.  This track I love because this time, she finally expressed all her feelings about the breakup, no holds-barred, no pretensions. It was so painfully honest that it was cathartic listening to it, and Maegan sang it with so much emotion, with rage, demonstrating her unique and powerful voice right in the middle of the song then ended it softly with words that spoke of longing.

Of course, this album of Maegan Aguilar is not just about heartaches and troubled feelings.  There are happy, inspiring songs also, carrying personal messages of friendship and loyalty.


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