man of steel



Who on earth wouldn’t know about the story of Superman? The first superhero I have known.

Surely, he is not of this earth. He is an alien. From the planet Krypton. He got these super powers and amazing strength. And with superlative ability, he uses this for the good, for the pursuit of justice. He saves people’s lives who are in danger, whether that person is good or bad. He heals people who are injured and sick of pain. He fights against evil, against what is wrong and unjust. He helps bring peace and harmony to this world that is filled with turbulence and hate. He’s an ideal man. For he not just respects women, he respects other people who are not his kind. It seems, he doesn’t have demons to deal within himself just like us humans. It seems that his heart and mind are only engaged in goodness and purity. Not any instance will you find him thinking of revenge or to think of hurting someone weaker than him. No man could equal the pureness of his heart and clarity of his mind to do good everyday of his life. Definitely, he is not of this earth.

At the center of Superman’s costume, you’ll see a symbol resembling letter S. I thought, since I’ve known Superman, that it stands for the first letter of his name. In the movie “Man of Steel,” I learned that it is a symbol of hope. Superman was sent to this planet by his parents to bring hope to humanity. As a result, I can’t help but think that the story of Superman, everyone’s superhero, which was created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in 1933, is inspired by the life of Jesus Christ.

Like Jesus Christ, Superman grew up with his non-biological parents. Like Jesus Christ, Superman was ridiculed, bullied because he was different and strange. Like Jesus Christ, Superman can heal the injured and the sick.  Like Jesus Christ, Superman was sent to this world by his father to live among us and bring salvation and hope to mankind.  It is Jesus Christ that we reach out to when we find ourselves helpless and in need of mercy.  In the movie “Man of Steel,”  it is Superman that saves a life the last minute when a person thought there is no more hope and a future to look forward to.

“Man of Steel” is beautiful in its own way. Henry Cavill who played Superman is beautiful in his own way. And the one who thought of casting Amy Adams as Lois Lane is a genius! (Okay, I am biased here ‘cause I like Amy Adams very much!) And thank you Zack Snyder for giving me hope by making the film and reminding to me again about this first superhero I have ever known.


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