four sisters and a wedding

Four-Sisters-and-a-Wedding[6]Once upon a time there were four little girls, all siblings, who prayed of having a baby brother.  When their wish was granted, they cared and loved for that baby brother like he’s the most important person in the whole wide world.  These sisters love each other but when it comes to their only brother, their love were overflowing, the most precious thing.

Then they grew up and pursued their own careers.  Two of the sisters went abroad.  The eldest, Teddie, worked in Italy, while the second one, Bobbie, who became the most successful among the siblings, was based in New York.  The middle child, Alex, was a production crew.  Gabbie, the youngest of all the girls, was a public school teacher.   CJ, their baby brother, got a girlfriend of three months and had already asked her hand for marriage.

The sisters, upon receiving the news that their baby brother was engaged to be married to a girl they haven’t met, their highly protective instinct came to the fore and after five years reunited and secretly conspired to stop the wedding. And they felt they were right about their instinct when they saw THE fiancée of their brother.  More so the family of the girl whom they all find weirdos despite being rich.  And that gave them the strong resolve to think of a better, discreet way to change their brother’s mind before it’s too late.  They feel that their brother deserves someone better!

While they’re all under one roof thinking of any maneuver to stop the wedding, certain issues and problems about the sisters were revealed.

Teddie, the eldest, the one who graduated with honors, a valedictorian, and was working in Italy as a teacher, turned out to be hiding a humiliating truth about herself from her family—that she got laid off because her employer told her she wasn’t good enough.  Embarrassed to return home, she endured holding two lowly jobs as a waitress and as a maid and kept this a secret.  Bobbie, the New Yorker and known as the most successful one among the siblings, had been carrying deep-seated insecurities for a long time.  Not to mention, learning how to deal with her boyfriend’s daughter who hates her to the core.  Alex, the middle child, was unfairly labeled as the black sheep of the family for stealing her sister Bobbie’s ex-boyfriend.  She and Bobbie, who were once upon a time so closed with each other, were now arch-enemies.

And they all had to deal with these differences and secrets while they were plotting ways to find out some hidden ugly truth about their brother’s fiancée and her family and eventually stop the wedding which, in the end, only led them to the exposure of the ugly truths about themselves, that they’re also imperfect.

Four Sisters and a Wedding stars Toni Gonzaga, Angel Locsin, Enchong Dee, Bea Alonzo, and Shaina Magdayao.  A movie directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina from Star Cinema.


Movie trailer of “Four Sisters and a Wedding”


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