love advice

Not from me, but from them.

richard gomez“You have to be 100 percent sure when you walk down the aisle. Otherwise, you might as well turn your back because it’s not going to get better.”

— Richard Gomez


“No point in trying to impress a person and putting your best foot forward paolo bedionesbecause that foot will get tired and eventually step back and reveal the real you.  From the get-go, be who you are so you know that a person truly accepts and loves you despite your flaws and shortcomings.”

— Paolo Bediones


pinky amador“Be the person you want to end up with.  If you want an honest, loving partner, you need to become that first.”

— Pinky Amador



“What’s for you won’t pass you. – Irish Saying”  julia clarete

— Julia Clarete

Source:  Philippine Daily Inquirer

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