sittin’ up in my room

It’s been two months and I’d better do something about my bedroom that’s already disagreeable to my senses.

The surest indicator that my bedroom is in a disgusting state of condition is when I’m seeing different cobwebs and dust found beside, around, and under my bed.  Name it:  there’s the cotton-like black balls of dust, the zigzagging cobwebs, there’s the elegant and elaborate cobweb that bridged the gap between my bed and the wall.  I also see long fluffy streamers of cobweb and there’s another kind, the super thin strands of webs that you can’t see but only feel.  And of course, how could I forget, that one itsy, bitsy spider that’s been quietly hanging around in my room for I don’t know how long.

It was an emergency so I decided to spend the last hours of my Saturday (that’s last night) by giving my bedroom the attention it deserves.   I admit that I’ve long neglected the cleaning of my room because of other things, issues that I’ve been paying more attention to, more than it deserves.  Even if I’m dealing with some problems and dilemmas, I musn’t forget that I still have other duties needing my attention, that are also important.  I’m talking about household chores.  One of them, of course, is cleaning up my bedroom.

I started with the clothes cabinet first.  I had to remove all the contents and put it in the meantime on my bed.  Once the cabinet was empty, I wiped the insides and its outer body and top with a clean, damp cloth. Then I wiped it dry using a clean, old hanky of mine.  Every nook and cranny of the cabinet I cleaned.   After that, I washed my hands then I sorted out the clothes on my bed, categorizing them according to their usage and separating the ones that I have to give away ‘cause they no longer suit me.  While sorting the clothes, my mind had a trip down memory lane, both good and bad.

I feel bad I gained weight that I could no longer wear some of my favorite clothes because of eating too much junk food, cakes, and chocolate-flavored desserts—an addiction that I’m slowly trying to get rid of.  (Now I understand the smokers or the alcoholics who want to quit but find it difficult to do so!) Not to mention, a no-exercise lifestyle or sedentary. Or perhaps, I could attribute it to my nature:  I don’t really move a lot.  Should a painter paints me, it would be a breeze because I could sit on a chair like a statue. I once overheard my mother as a kid telling her colleague that as a baby, I don’t really move a lot inside her tummy.  Anyway, so much for my “historical” analysis.  So now and for two months already, I’ve been lessening my too salty, too sweet food intake.  I want to eradicate my hunger for them but for now it’s impossible so “eliminating” is the word here for the meantime.

I have jeans that I couldn’t wear anymore  and blouses and polos that seemed to have shrink ‘cause of my weight gain but because I looked good in them when I was still thin, I am not giving them away.  I still have hopes that in a few months I’d be able to go back to my previous weight.  Sadly, I gave a lot of my clothes that I bought just last year.  Not only because they are now ill-fitting to me, but because they all carry memories that I’d rather not be reminded of, at times, they reminded me how cumbersome it was to wear them while commuting. (Maybe another person, whoever that person is, could carry those clothes better.) I’ll just make do with what I have right now and when I have extra money, I’ll buy new ones in replacement of those that I gave away.

The arranged clothes were put back in the closet. Then I swept away with a broom the cobwebs and dust that gathered around and under my bed. Then I cleaned up this hanging equipment, the three-layered table (I don’t know how it’s properly called), then I wiped the floor, using a sponge, with water and a little soap then immediately wiping it dry with a newspaper before I put back my intimate, precious little stuff in the room.

Saving the best for last was my bed.  I wiped with a damp cloth its body made of wood to remove the dust.  Afterwards, I took a rest, had a quick bath, then after a few minutes rest, I changed the bedsheet and pillowcase.  Looking at my clean bedroom, it felt good to have a nice place where I can have a good night’s rest.  While sitting up in my room, I try to reflect about my day.  Then I went down to sleep.

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