I have this nasty habit that when I leave a company or a job, it is only natural for me to distance myself or leave those officemates I’ve met—friends or not—behind and just move forward.  I also delete cellphone numbers of former colleagues—friends or not.

So when former colleagues Mercy and Natalie months after I resigned were requesting for a get-together, I declined right away and told them the truth (the good reason and the real reason) even if it would hurt them.  And they respected my decision.  Respect they did for they never texted me since that day.

Days turned into weeks.  Weeks turned into months, I deleted their numbers because I considered their numbers inactive numbers already.

One day, I received a text message from an unknown number.  Though the number was not familiar, the message felt familiar.  Plus it dropped hints of who the texter was.  My guess was right—it was from the Mercy! I was really flattered that she never stopped trying to reach out to me.  After all these years, she kept my number.  She expressed how much she misses me, that Natalie also misses me, but Natalie misses me the most.  So when she requested for a reunion together with Natalie, I immediately obliged. Because I no longer remember the issues I had that led me to cut my ties with them, I got excited to see them.

Two and a half years seem like a long time.  So when we finally saw each other, their happiness and excitement to see me was to me really surprising and at the same time, comforting.  Because when I used to be with them working in one company, they were loving people in their own unique way but they were not what I would call the hugs-and-kisses type of friends.  Like me.  What I meant was, we were just not like that to each other.

So when they saw me, they were so happy to see me that they kissed me on the cheek.  Their smiles, too,  I won’t forget.  And Natalie, oh Natalie, she almost cried upon seeing me.  Natalie was my closest friend.  She, too, kept my number after all these years.  She even said thank you that I agreed to meet them.  If there is one thing that I discovered about Mercy and Natalie—it is their faith.  They never let me go as their friend even if I’ve let go of them.  It really felt good to be appreciated and treasured!

Hope to see them again.  And I will make sure that I’d be the first to text them.

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