sweet surrender

I don’t cook.  I suck at cooking, even frying an egg.  And the last time I cooked a food for myself–which only involved sautéing a canned spicy sardines in garlic and onions–I developed an allergy which lasted for seven days.

Cooking, to me, is a vocation.  It’s only for those who enjoy doing it, whose heart is in it.  Cooking is more than just turning raw meat or vegetable to something tasty and delicious.  Cooking involves deep understanding, especially on the purpose and uses of ingredients and spices while taking into consideration some principles about good health which I hardly knew about.

However, there is a dessert that I know I am very good at making.  It’s a recipe that I’ve learned from my mother.  I had an ex-convict cousin who visited us around Christmas season ages ago and upon arriving went straight to the kitchen, opened our refrigerator, then met us with a sigh of disappointment that there was no fruit macaroni salad. That was the last time I saw him for he got killed in a brawl years later.  I liked that ex-convict cousin of mine for he was a relative who appreciated us the most.  But that’s another story.

I was already in my 30s when I tried making my own fruit macaroni salad. I just missed my mother’s fruit macaroni salad.  But unlike my mother who’d serve this only for Christmas, I prepare this dessert even on ordinary days.  Life is short so why wait for a special occasion to enjoy good food.  And you know what, I’ve tried some of the macaroni salad available in restaurants but the fruit macaroni salad of my Nanay remains my favorite!


200g  Del Monte Salad Macaroni

836g  Del Monte Fruit Cocktail

216g  Carnation Condensed Milk

470mL Lady’s Choice Mayonnaise

1. Pour 4 to 5 cups of water or something that’s enough to fully submerge the pasta to a pot. (Remember to add a teaspoon of salt!)  Bring to boil.  Then put in the pasta.  Boil uncovered, stirring occasionally.  Cook for 8 to 10 minutes.

2. Drain the water thoroughly.  Put the pasta in a new container.

3. Mix in the pasta and the mayonnaise.  You don’t have to use the whole 470mL.  Just use a portion that would fully cover the pasta.

4. Then pour in the condensed milk.  Again, don’t pour all the content.  Just enough to cover the pasta.  It will get too sweet if you pour them all.

5. Mix in the fruit cocktail. Then refrigerate until cold, or until its cream thickens.

6. Serve.  Good for 2 to 3 persons.


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