sharon-gabby, and what february means to me now

It’s the month of February, also called the love month.  It is only now that I realize that since my mother gave birth to me in November, then that means–and I am certain about it–that I was conceived in February.  After this realization, I began to look at the month of February in a meaningful, funny, and a special way now. =)


Not many people know this–even my sister who only found out about this just recently–that I am a fan of the Sharon Cuneta-Gabby Concepcion love team.  They’re still considered to be the most unforgettable love team in Philippine cinema.  And for me, they’re still the most lovely pair I’ve ever seen in local showbiz.

It was 1980s.  They were young but they were good actors even back then.  It seemed they have internalized the roles they played in their movies together because from reel to real, they fell in love to the delight of their fans.  And at a tender age of 18, Sharon got pregnant.  Then they got married that was attended by many VIPs and was widely televised.  Years later, because of infidelity on the part of the guy, they separated and their marriage got annulled.  Much like the story that happens in some of their movies.

I was just a little girl when they became a sizzling pair in showbiz.  It was in 2009–adjusting in my new job– when just out of the blue I thought of collecting Sharon-Gabby movies because I was at that time craving for romantic movies to watch.  When you’re single and unattached, you like watching romantic movies.  Yes, a love story with a happy ending to be more specific.  (Or maybe because I was pressured and stressed at work that watching romantic movies gave me comfort.)  So I collect and collect Sharon-Gabby movies.  Since I like Sharon, too, even without Gabby by her side (she’s a really good actress in her own right!), I also purchased movies she did with other male actors.  And how wonderful it was watching those movies!

A collector’s item

Presenting my collection of Sharon-Gabby movies etc.

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