kindness of strangers

As I write this post using only one hand, typing letters one at a time while my left arm is in a cast and sling, I just wanna say thank you Lord for the strength you blessed me with and for continually showering me with Your love even if sometimes I don’t deserve it.  And I feel your love through the love of my family (for the moral and financial support), relatives (I have a cousin who is a physical therapist with whom I would consult about my condition whether through text or by phone, and an aunt who would encourage me to think positive always), friends (who make me feel less lonely), and kindness of strangers, like the dispatchers in the jeepney terminal who would help me get a good seat, like this old, kind-looking poor man who just out of nowhere opened the door of a taxi for me, like the waiters and waitresses in my favorite restaurant who’d always say “Welcome back!” whenever I eat there, like this boy I sat beside with inside a bus who let me take his place so I wouldn’t feel so cold and directly under the aircon, like ordinary conversations with colleagues I just meet along the way, who I rarely get to talk with that would leave me breathless, inspired–these chance encounters with strangers are like gasoline to keep me going amid all the bullshit and what-the-fuck moments.

Right now, I would like to remember the stranger, the woman who helped me and brought me to the hospital when I had an accident.  I’ve forgotten already her face but I remember her name, her name was Lorna, and that she got wavy long hair (below the shoulders I think), and with fair skin.  When I’m okay and no longer in a cast, I will look for her.  If not, I will pray that God will also protect her from harm.  And that should I find myself in her position, seeing somebody in harm’s way, I will also help that person the same way she did for me.

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