ney dimaculangan

neyI miss this guy.

He’s Ney Dimaculangan, former lead vocalist of 6cyclemind, a band that I first saw performed at this event at the University of Asia and the Pacific.  I won’t forget the year, it was 2004.  And during that first time, I instantly liked them very much.  Primarily because of their frontman, Ney Dimaculangan.

Back then he had this nice long hair that’s just right with his face.  He wasn’t such a tall guy, quite ordinary, you know, the usual guy in a rock band, in sneakers and jeans and T-shirt with a jacket on.  However, he had this certain qualities that just blew me away.

When he sings, that’s the time that his sex appeal would come out.  He’s just natural, effortless, and yet you feel how much he is giving his all when he performs.  He’s energetic when he sings, when he moves.  And even when he’s just standing and just belting out his songs, or singing something melancholic, you could still feel the energy. Because his voice, it’s cool and yet it’s cathartic whenever you hear it.

I miss him because I haven’t been seeing him lately in the music scene.  And it irks me whenever I hear non-singers singing professionally on TV now.  What’s going on?  Music listeners deserve some respect and we need people like Ney Dimaculangan.

Wondering where he is now, I bought his 2011 self-titled solo album which contains 10 tracks in English and Tagalog, all songs arranged and composed by Ney, plus two bonus tracks.  But I enjoyed more all his Tagalog songs.  But still, nothing compares to watching him perform live.




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  1. Thanks for your wonderful Blog. Really appreciated.. I’m still around, making songs and performing with my new band. God bless.

  2. Hello Ney! Thank you for dropping by here. This brighten up my day!

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