once more, with feeling

Today’s a holiday for all workers–it’s Labor day!–and I’m having a blast watching those Twilight Zone episodes (1985-1989) courtesy of YouTube.

It’s been amazing how after more than 20 years I’d be able to catch again those Twilight Zone episodes of the ’80s and understand the stories better now (although there were still some episodes that remain mysterious to me) and see other episodes that I have already forgotten about.  I’ve also come to understand my learning and appreciation level as a kid back in those days where I’ve come to realize that as a kid it was the actions and feelings shown but not too much of the dialogues (which I don’t understand fully yet) that helped me to understand what the story was about.  That helped in capturing it in my imagination.  As a kid, I consider “The Hellgramite Method” and “The After Hours” episodes as my favorites.  And watching them again is really wonderful!

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