so it’s you

so it's youSaw this last night.  Sayang.  If only the makers of this movie added more depth and challenge into the story, this could have been unforgettable and more inspiring.  But if the producer’s objective is just to earn money quickly by doing movies with the same theme over and over, again and again but with different actors this time, well, they are successful in that area.  But they fail in the genre of romantic comedy that is supposed to not only make viewers feel more inspired after watching the film but make them feel important based on the creativity and hardwork that were put into the making of the movie.  RomCom (romantic comedy)  doesn’t have to be so shallow, exaggerated, and obnoxious to be funny because that’s how I saw the movie.  But I liked the pairing of Carla Abellana and Tom Rodriguez here.  I also liked that moment when Tom finally admits to Carla that he loves her just when Carla has gotten back with her ex who at the beginning of the story broke her heart and left her on their wedding day.  Oh, and the kissing scenes between Carla and Tom, I liked that, too.  And your guess is right, it was a happy ending.  For Carla soon realizes–after all those games of pretending that they are a couple to make her ex jealous–that she, too, has fallen in love with Tom.


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