the collenemy

In the office, this is where you work, contribute your talents and abilities to help the organization carry out its objectives and goals, and in exchange of your services, you get paid with a salary.  A salary that you will then use to fulfill your own goals for your family and for yourself.  You’d even help other people realize their dreams when given the chance.  A very nice symbiotic relationship between an employee and the organization.  And in your years of working, you’ve learned that conflict is normal.  There will be misunderstandings, arguments but these are only temporary.  Everyone moves on.  You’ve come to accept that conflict is good to clear out issues, and is a part of life, should be a part of life.

But how do you deal with a collenemy?  For the benefit of the uninitiated, it means colleague + enemy = collenemy.

Who are they, you asked?

Oh, they’re the mean, evil people in the office.  Mean, evil people who would rather sit around, tinker with their gadgets doing nothing while chatting loudly with others to distract you while you do your work.  They’re the ones who would attack your self-esteem whenever they have the chance.   The bullies.  The deceitful scheming beasts in human forms.  Even though they may appear “kind” and “friendly” to you at times,  at times also in an indirect manner they will let you feel how much they hate you.  Their hostility, if you let them win, will deflate your self-esteem. They have a habit of ridiculing you, mocking you, and even enjoy seeing you humiliated.  They’ll spread gossips about you, spreading something about you which is the twisted version of the truth.  They’ll even connive with other people to do the dirty deed.  They’ll do everything they can to make your life miserable in the office.  They will scare you wishing viciously that you will run away and be gone forever.

Life in the office is scary, isn’t it?  Nah!

Because if you look closer at these bullies, these beasts in the corporate jungle, these solid clique, these bad people collectively known as “the collenemy,” you know what, if you just look closer, they are just a bunch of cowards! Miserable!  And their miseries are so great and overflowing they couldn’t bear to see you happy so they want to pull you down to their level, to their dark abyss of loneliness and deep pain and suffering.  They want you to be just like them.  Miserable.  Take note, miserable!

There really is nothing to be scared of because these big bad wolves you’re scared of are actually the most scared people in the world.  They have something about them they want to hide.  And to shield themselves from being exposed, from whatever harm, they display their strength to degrade another person.  When in fact, they are the weakest.  And have ugly souls.  And it’s so easy to get rid of them.  How?  That’s for you to figure out.

Look at the truly happy people in the office.  The truly happy people don’t destroy other people.  Even though they have their own sadness and disappointments, they’d rather choose to be kind.  The real kind.  And they are respectful.  They choose to make others happy, cheering you up.  These are the truly happy people.

I will leave you with words from Victor Hugo.

“Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.”



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