maybe this time

Maybe_This_Time_2014Seven years ago, a closest guy friend broke Step’s heart. She moves on but the pain of first love has left her jaded. Now working as a marketing specialist in a firm managed and owned by a manipulative, credit-grabber lady boss, she will do whatever it takes to get the promotion that she deserves.

Opportunity came when her boss asked her to handle the PR and marketing tasks of her boyfriend’s business project. Not only that, she’s been asked to also train her boss’ boyfriend about proper etiquette and personality development for he is a man who grew up from the province. And if she fails in achieving what she (the boss) expects her to do, then she (Step) must say goodbye to promotion. And this she accepted as a challenge just to get that elusive higher post as a marketing executive. And what she sees as a road to promotion turns out to be a road that leads her to meet her first love once again, Tonio. The first love who abandoned her. The first love who is now the boyfriend of her boss.

Now, what would be your reaction if you were in Step’s shoes whose love for Tonio never left her? How would you handle this awkward situation? Would there be finally a closure between the two? Or maybe, a reconciliation?

Of course, this was just the beginning of the chaos that would test the true feelings of the people involved, including the boss’ true feelings for Tonio who turned out to be ashamed of her boyfriend’s humble background, a nobody who became a seaman who then became a caregiver to a rich but sick old man who died but left Tonio with a big inheritance. And this instantly changed Tonio’s life for the better. But despite this, he still fell short with her rich girlfriend’s expectations.

And the chaos that I’m telling you about that Step thought was a road to hell and another harrowing attack to her still wounded heart turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Fate gave them that chance to meet again and it was up to them if they would grab that “chance” to continue with what they’ve left of or just let it slip away.

But this is not just a love story between a male and a female.

The story of love that Step and Tonio felt for their respective families deserves some attention and credit, too! And it was the love for their families that they did what they have to do in the past that still haunt their present, with Tonio leaving for abroad to work as a seaman without telling Step about it on the day that they were supposed to meet, the day that Step was planning to give her sweet yes to her faithful suitor. And Step, who not just suffered the harrowing pain of being abandoned by a friend who promised her forever, she also suffered strong guilt for being responsible for his father’s misfortune of becoming an invalid after they got into a car accident when she was out there, drunk, coping miserably with her heartbreak. And this caused a strain in her relationship with her mom who blamed her for all the bad luck that their family was experiencing.

For Tonio, his leaving was something noble that he had to do for himself and his family who was deep in poverty. He had a beautiful goal for himself, for his family, and for Step. But this was unknown to Step. Because for her, she only saw Tonio as the man who just disappeared and betrayed her, heart and soul. And things got messy when her boss betrayed her by giving the promotion to somebody else. Not anymore willing to put up with all the bullshit of her boss, she quits her job. Then fate intervened. Then friends and Tonio came to the rescue. Then true feelings between Tonio and Step were so strong they couldn’t keep it anymore, and wanting to drop all their pretenses, they gave in and true feelings, as I said, began to show—even the hate, the humiliation and pain, and all the love that is still there.

Since the title of the movie was adapted from Michael Martin Murphy’s song “Maybe this time,” I know what the ending of the movie would be. And this movie starring Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin is just as beautiful as the song.

sarah and coco

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