On Lindsay Lohan

This is what international media would depict Lindsay Lohan, a picture of a girl who is so messed-up, miserable.  A crazy girl who is a bad example to the youth.  A garbage.

lindsay-lohan-courtBut this is how I see Lindsay Lohan despite all her bad decisions and misfortune.  (Although I hate it that she had a plastic surgery when she’s already beautiful! Just look at her picture below!)Lindsay-Lohan1I really like her.  Not like a fan but I like her because of the feel-good movies she participated in–“Freaky Friday,” “Mean Girls,” “Herbie,” “The Parent Trap”.  She was convincing as an actress and she really had a lot of potential.  So it’s really kind of sad that she is now a person recognized as the Mary Magdalene of the present times, being judged negatively and notoriously in every possible way.  And the people who sang praises to her before when she was popular and likeable are the same people who are now throwing stones at her when she had to stumble and fall because of wrong decisions (including an orange-colored tan). She had her worst moments and I hope that she’ll again possess that childhood innocence that she once had to help her get back on track.

I’d like to think that when we are too focused on playing our role as “adults,” that’s when we start to become really negative and gloomy and bad.  That’s when we get easily influenced by good-for-nothing people.



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