song on a broken string

I’m not trying to be
Anybody’s favorite song
I’m not trying to fit in
I’m not trying to belong
I just wanna be heard
Just to hear myself again
I’d show you who I am
If there’s a way I can
Remember the words

Tired of playing out the scene
With someone else’s clichéd lines
Tired of playing by the scheme

Of someone else’s perfect rhymes
So here I am listening to the beat
Of this syncopated heart
How to write the truth
A song that’s not about you…

Two stanzas were all it took. The song is called “Song On A Broken String,” a favorite song of mine. A song I just discovered two days ago.

Actually I wouldn’t have known this if I didn’t go to Astrovision (a record bar) last Saturday, June 12. I just received half of my salary and to buy myself a present, I was going to buy this VCD of the Sarah-John Lloyd movie, “You Changed My Life.”

Not available.

But I still looked around, maybe it was just hidden somewhere and the sales crew was just lazy to search for it.  So I looked and looked, inspecting the CDs displayed from the shelves while OPM songs were being played one after the other in the background. New songs, actually. First time I’ve heard. I thought they were cool, especially when I heard this female voice that was so sweet, singing strongly about heartbreak, talking to herself not to fall in love again with the same guy who broke her heart—which I can relate! (I discovered later that the sweet voice was by Kiana Valenciano, singing “Dear Heart”).  And when I heard the track “Hangout Lang,” which according to the composer and lyricist is their tribute to Prince and Michael Jackson whose music rocked the ’80s, that’s when I became really interested.  That the album is not just songs about love.  It also has dance music in it! (Although I don’t dance.)

“Song On A Broken String,” “Dear Heart,” and “Hangout Lang” are tracks 1401449130-philpop-album-cover-insidethat can be found from the album “PhilPop 2014, Loud and Proud” which was what I bought in replacement of “You Changed My Life” that was out of stock. It’s a very nice movie, I must tell you.

Songs in “PhilPop 2014, Loud and Proud” are actually finalists of the 3rd Philippine Popular Music Festival to be held this coming 26 July 2014. I wonder which song will win. In my heart, the winners are—all of them!


Because I don’t get tired listening to them, blending well together despite their differences. They’re light and cool to the ears, they’re funky, and it can make you feel like you’re in love even when you’re not. It can make you feel like life is beautiful even when it’s hard. The first track “Awit Mo’y Nandito Pa” is an example. Good decision that it is the first song chosen to open up what is in store from this album. Did I mention that this album would make you go senti especially during quiet evening?

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