the dog who loves feet

This is the puppy I am telling you about. My new puppy! And I named her Bea to pay tribute to my auntie whose name is “Beatriz” but more fondly called auntie Betty and who originally owned this puppy. A puppy who has nine siblings! Five of them died though, so she’s one of the survivors. She was born on September 1, 2014. The picture above was taken a day after I picked her up from my auntie’s house.

This is Bea sleeping on my slippers after continuously making an attempt to bite my feet and if I crouched down to control her, my hands. Didn’t know she’s a rascal! A very, very naughty dog. She’s an angel, though, when she sleeps.

Last August, I took care of a 3-month old dog named Cory for four days. A dog that doesn’t bark, easy to train, affectionate, doesn’t bite at all, and lively. When she died after I gave her away to a relative because she came at a wrong time, I cried a river. I felt like I abandoned her. It was the first time in my life that I ever felt that my world crashed literally and figuratively. And to get over my grief and guilt, I thought I’d get another dog. So when Bea came, we did the opposite of what we did to Cory.

When Cory was alive, since her purpose was to be a guard dog, my cousin who gave us the dog advised us to just let the puppy stay outside and tie her so she wouldn’t escape. So she could be trained early with a leash around her neck. But she’s an angel, not a guard dog. Despite being tied round the clock, she remained good. She liked looking at my face, climbing to my lap, and if given a chance attempting to lick my lips, my face. When we walked together for an exercise, she walked behind me or at my left side.  When I returned home, she’s happy to see me.

When Bea came, I decided to keep her inside the house, not outside. And I also decided not to tie her so she has that freedom to roam. Like I said,  she’s a rascal.  She only looks at my feet, my hands, then bites them whenever she approaches me.  Anything that moves she bites. When I tied her to our center table all throughout the night because of her mischievousness and to prevent her from chewing anything, in the morning, when I let her loose, she became wild. Her attempts to bite became fierce that I couldn’t figure out anymore if she’s still playbiting or mad at me. I didn’t know how to control her so each time I would try to grab hold of her then lift her up in my arms then cuddle her.  She’d behave whenever I do that.  But I can’t continue doing this when she’s all grown up and big.  And tall.  I saw her mom.  She’s tall. But whenever her “wildness” subsided, she’d curl herself up beside my feet then put her head on it. The same feet that she “preys” on. Strange dog.

Shown here was her playpen. I treated her special since she’s still a one and a half month old puppy. I wanted her surrounding to be clean. Oh, and if there is one amazing thing that I did, that I’m proud of, I was able to train her to know her name. So it became easy for me to call her attention.  Whenever I call her, far or near, whenever I shout, say Bea, she’d go to me.

You may call me an irresponsible owner, an idiot, call me whatever you want but after three days, I decided to give her away to our neighbor whose house is stone’s throw away from us.

Bea, unfortunately, is not the dog that I feel is suitable to our laidback lifestyle. Because for three days, I had disturbed sleep looking over her, attending to her because I’m worried about her. I couldn’t sleep deeply because I always had this desire to check on her while she was tied to our center table at the sala. Because she would whine. Made wild attempts to free herself from being tied down. When I say wild, she’s really wild. It would take a saint of an owner to tame her and I’m not a saint. I don’t know what breed she is. My auntie Betty’s son told me she’s a crossbreed between askal and dalmatian. Was it because of her black circles on her body? I don’t think she’s a Dalmatian. She’s a hunting dog!

Here she is at our neighbor’s house, with one-year-old dog Carla. The day when I turned her over to our kind neighbor on October 20, just two days ago.

I felt relieved that Carla, the old dog, likes Bea, the new puppy. I have a relative who is interested to take her home but I chose our neighbor because even if she and her family are just informal settlers, I observed how much she cares for her dog.  Oh, and she also has a cat. And they have a garden which I feel Bea would enjoy to race around.

If I’m gonna give my dog away, I wanna make sure this time that her new environment, new master would be suitable for her. Unlike what happened to Cory. And I also volunteered to spend for her 2nd & 3rd deworming and anti-rabies injection for the convenience of the new family with whom I gave Bea to.

I believe I made the right choice because Carla the dog loves Bea the puppy despite her mischievousness. Of course, the advantage that she’s just at our neighbor is that I could visit Bea every day and play with her. Fortunately, she easily adapted to her new home and also enjoys the company of Carla. Bea doesn’t care if she’s sleeping on a soil, on the cement, on a rag, or between my two feet. Just as long as she’s comfortable, she sleeps anywhere!

Here we are: Me sandwiched between Carla and Bea. Look at Bea, she seems to want to bite my hand.

As usual, Bea playbiting with Carla.

Should I get a new puppy again? My answer is no. I’m okay now. I’m thinking of growing plants and flowers instead around our house since I saw the beautiful garden of my neighbor.  I still remember Cory from time to time. The pain is no longer there. Still, Cory’s one of a kind! Bea, I still care for her kahit ganun sya. And I thank Carla for welcoming her to their home.


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