another day

I was so tired, carrying this heavy heart.  I was so disappointed by the insincerity of someone I know.  I didn’t even take the time to look in the mirror and have some retouch.  I just left to go home.  Hungry because of frustration, I went on a detour.  I went to Jollibee to grab some dinner.

Falling in line, I saw a familiar face.  With no hesitation, I took the liberty of approaching him.  To cut this short, I had the best conversation ever with this person, son of a colleague.  He made me forget the burden I had earlier, removing the weight on my chest.  Didn’t know he reads books, and surprise, surprise, we read the same books.  I thought he was just focused on his good looks.

And that encounter was quite surprising because it was our very first conversation which lasted for two hours (I like to count, whoever I’m with). It’s also very surprising because we’re totally different people, with a wide gap of experiences.  And he’s not the type that I’m inclined to be friends with.  I’m five years older than him but he’s got more experience now that he already has children at 30. But despite that, our topics of conversation were flowing like it would never end.  We were later joined by his wife who was equally good-looking and who shared a piece of her heart also on what me and her husband were discussing.

To this day, I like recalling that episode in my head.  Because I had fun conversing with them, especially with him since he’s got something more to say.  I was just happy knowing that even if I had a bad day, losing faith, I could still turn my life around just by opening myself up to other opportunities.  Or chances.   And at that moment in Jollibee, I just simply grabbed it.  And from that random encounter, I forgot my misfortune.  And I walked away having the best day of my life that it gave me a renewed energy to look forward to another day.


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