perfectly imperfect

I don’t dance, can’t dance (ever!) but listening to her sing songs about love and heartbreak and everything in an optimistic beat made me groove to the music!

This month of November, as an advance birthday gift to myself, I bought perfectly imperfectSarah Geronimo’s latest album “Perfectly Imperfect.” My spirit was already grabbed by the first two songs, “Perfectly Imperfect” and “Kilometro.” Too bad there wasn’t a lyric sheet enclosed with the CD so I had to listen hard the first few times I played the album.

In “Perfectly Imperfect,” it’s a song about listening to the beat of your own drum, about being yourself, flaws and all. “Kilometro” speaks about romantic love that’s devoted, an affection that is selfless despite all the hurts. I also like “Dulo” which got annoying repetitive lyrics but what really got me was its great tune, a happy one though it carries a sad message, this one line she only mentioned once amid the repetitions: “Ang dating walang hanggan, ngayon ay naging hanggang dito na lang.” Powerful line. Love it.

All the songs here got nice melodies, a mix of dance tunes and ballads. Music that is radio-friendly. Never mind the thin, childlike voice of Sarah in some of the songs. Never mind the mushy lyrics about love which I cannot relate at the moment, hehe (hey, I love the last song in the album).  Sarah, I like her very much, I am captivated by her, and I enjoy her “Perfectly Imperfect” album which contains all-original songs.


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