hello world

Two weeks have passed since the start of December. How fast time flies!

On 3 December 2014 (Wednesday), Carla, our neigbor’s dog, gave birth to four puppies. One died, though.

just gave birthpuppies!

The bed is really intended for Bea, my puppy, but it was Carla who was the first to rest on it, and where she prefers keeping her puppies safe when she gave birth.  Because when my neighbor thought of moving her to an improvised dog house at a place that children won’t see, Carla was still looking for this dog bed, where she likes resting on with her puppies.  Besides, Bea enjoys destroying things when she’s bored, including this dog bed.  In fact, at the bottom of this bed it has a hole after being torn apart by Bea.

I’ve also taken back to our home, Bea, my puppy, which my neighbor adopted for about a month. Bea stays with us inside our home so that she’d know each member of my family… again. And I have to fix the outdoor, to make it dog proof and, of course, clean since Bea is a very active dog. Loves to run, jumps so high she seems like flying, believe it or not. Here she is sleeping comfortably in our Bamboo sofa/chair.


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