the love month

SDC11953This is my dog Bea. She sleeps like an angel but when she’s awake, she’s high energy and a quick runner. She sometimes sleeps beside me on my bed for hours but whenever she hears a sound, even in deep slumber she’d wake up and bark. And when she sees me taking a nap in our bamboo chair, she’d climb to me and lick my face to wake me up. Since Bea entered my life, I’ve learned to cook because of her. Cooking simple dishes like boiled fish with vegetables or boiled pork with vegetables, or sometimes, boiled liver with vegetables. Bea loves veggies, believe it or not, like petchay, carrots, eggplant, lettuce, okra, squash, so on and so forth. I don’t give her dog food anymore since it can be toxic because it’s not good feeding your dog every day for years with these processed dog food. Dogs need food variety to live happily and healthy!

SDC11938Now these are my neighbor’s puppies, children of Carla the dog. Oh how fast they grew up! From left that’s Voltaire, the snobbish and most behaved. In the middle is Pipay, the only girl and most affectionate. The third one is Douglas, the smallest and most feisty one.

SDC11940While people are dreaming about having a lifetime partner, romance, dreaming about fancy cars, title as if the wonderful things are in the future, in a far away distant time, to me, the future is right now. It’s the love month and it is amazing to see myself pouring out all my love to not a person but dogs.

Here again is Douglas.  He’ll be coming home to us soon as an addition to our family.



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