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the breakup playlist

I love films but I rarely go to theaters these days and that’s for about a year now.  The ticket is so The Breakup Playlistexpensive, around 200 pesos that I’d much rather spend it on food or other necessities.  Times are hard.  However, learning that my super favorite singer, actress, and dancer Sarah Geronimo will be coming out with a movie co-starring with our very handsome actor Piolo Pascual, I  made it a point to set aside some money for it despite my miniscule monetary reserves.

It was the fourth of July, Saturday.  I watched Sarah and Piolo’s “The Breakup Playlist.”   Sarah was Trixie and Piolo was Gino in the movie.  Allow me to list down what I like about this movie.

-I like that story of Gino, a professional musician, pursuing Trixie, the aspiring one, after they first met in a music coaching camp.  Ah, the thrill of courtship.  Gino couldn’t get enough of Trixie that he pursued her, offered her to become part of his band, Pencil Grip, as a vocalist despite countless refusal from Trixie.  And when Trixie finally gave in (because she couldn’t escape Gino’s charms), the magic sparked.  And they created beautiful music together, literally and figuratively.

-I really didn’t expect much from this movie because my goal was simple:  to watch Sarah and just enjoy the movie.  That’s it.  As a result, I got more of what I bargained for.

-Brokenhearted?  I was but not anymore.  So knowing that the story will revolve around their breakup, I understood every scene, every nuance but it was not something that had led me to cry, remember my own heartbreaks, and have a trip down memory lane.  None of that happened.  You know what’s the nice thing that happened?  I was just an spectator.  Though I know what being brokenhearted was like, I don’t remember my pain. They seem like a faraway memory, like a distant object I couldn’t grasp anymore.  In fact, it was the pain of Trixie and Gino that I was 100% focusing on. They carried me away and involved me with their journey.  It was their sincerity that made me not reflect on my past experiences but instead, reflect on them in a good kind of way.   I wanted to get to know them as they are.  And I cried without knowing it. I just felt some tears rolling down my cheeks.

With Trixie, I felt her struggle of whether she should be a good daughter by following her parents’ order to leave the band and concentrate on her law studies for her to have a good future or to follow her heart and stay with the band and be with her love, Gino, who fulfilled one of her wildest dreams to be a singer.

With Gino, I learned about his insecurities particularly when his girlfriend, Trixie, was getting more recognized by their peers and was becoming more popular than him. He could not take it that his girlfriend was on that peak of her career, a place where he wanted to be.  The reason why he formed a band in the first place.  He could not take it that somebody as young as Trixie, a newbie in the music scene, could achieve fame and recognition that easily while he, who had been a musician for years, remained “ordinary” in the eyes of the people he wanted to impress.  While Gino’s feeling small over his girlfriend’s success, Trixie could not understand why Gino could just leave her when he knew in his heart how much she loves him because she chose him over her mother’s dream for her to become a lawyer. And this had caused some cracks in their relationship that led to their breakup.

-The movie is called “The Breakup Playlist” because three years after they split up, they would soon see each other again when a famous teenage loveteam, who had just broken up, requested  them as their mentors in performing a song for a concert, a song that Trixie and Gino was known for.  The song was “Paano Bang Magmahal?” The famous teenagers admitted that the song was part of their breakup playlist.

-I am grateful to this movie because it featured some of the lead vocalists of those bands I listened to when I was younger (Sugarfree, Dicta License, Wolfgang, Sponge Cola, Urbandub).  It felt like I was in a reunion I just wish I could hug them.

-The ending scene was so simple, quite mundane actually, but it was the sweetest and sincerest moment for me.  I wanna have that moment, too.  I just love that getting back together scene of Trixie and Gino that the kiss became unnecessary and annoying.