Bea & Douglas

My then 7-month old dog, Bea, guarding our house.  It’s her favorite spot.

SDC12060Bea striking a pose.

SDC12063Here’s then 4-month old Douglas getting cozy on the bed.

SDC12086Douglas also likes resting behind some obstruction, like this spot in our house.

SDC12082Bea and Douglas’ synchronized sleeping.

SDC12085The three of us:  Bea, me, and Douglas.

SDC12049Above pictures were taken a few months ago.  At present, Bea’s 11 months old and Douglas is 8 months.  I can’t believe Douglas is so tall now but I still treat him like a puppy, as if he never grew up. He likes vegetables since I’ve accustomed him early in his life, when he was still a puppy, to eat vegetables.  Of course, it must have a meat for protein needs. Bea, on the other hand, has grown up to be mild mannered, refine, and since her spaying has gained weight, but still athletic.

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