My Pearl Jam history and collection

SDC12101Ten (1991)- Recorded to a blank tape after borrowing my brother’s cassette tape of “Ten.”

Vs. (1993)- Purchased on 29 June 1998, three months after buying No Code.

Vitalogy (1994)- You will notice that I have two Vitalogy cassette tapes. It took me almost a year to realize that the first one I bought (29 September 1998) did not have a lyrics booklet. So I bought another copy (24 August 1999) this time making sure that the lyrics booklet was there.

No Code (1996)- Purchased on 20 March 1998. Not just cassette tape, I also have a CD copy of this album.

Yield (1998)- Purchased on 10 March 1998 after seeing the music video of “Jeremy” for the first time. 1998 was the year I was converted from being passive listener to a big fan of Pearl Jam. Yield was the current album of Pearl Jam in 1998.

Pearl Jam Live on Two Legs (1998)- Purchased on 30 December 1998. I discovered just now that I bought five Pearl Jam albums in one year just to catch up with the band consisting of Eddie, Stone, Mike, Jeff et al (they have had five drummers through the years) whose music career as PJ began in 1990.

Binaural (2000)- Purchased on 17 June 2000. In the lyrics booklet, I saw my handwriting. It read: “Pearl Jam is the greatest band on earth.”

Riot act (2002)- I requested this from my Secret Santa during our office exchange gifts back in December 2003.

Pearl Jam Live at the Garden (2004)- Pearl Jam is not just good in recording, they’re also good in live performance that is why I bought this: a 3-discs album of their live concert at Madison Square Garden, New York City on 8 July 2003.


No Boundaries, A Benefit For the Kosovar Refugees (1999)- This is not a Pearl Jam album but Pearl Jam became part of this album which led me to discover another band that I came to like because of their song “Freak on a Leash (Freakin’ B Mix).” That band is called Korn.

But there came a point where I just stopped collecting.  Either unaware of other releases or preoccupied with a new hobby.  These are the Pearl Jam albums that I don’t have yet in my collection and on which I am planning of collecting soon before record bars become extinct!

Pearl Jam (2006)
Backspacer (2009)
Lightning Bolt (2013)

But I do hope remaining record bars would remain resilient despite the power and convenience of downloading.  As a music enthusiast, I still prefer playing a CD, holding its album cover, examining its contents, checking out the components behind each track, and turning the page of a lyrics sheet as I listen and groove to the music.  I don’t think this is old-fashioned.  I say this is classic.

A little bit of trivia:  I’ve always been a type of person who takes really good care of her things. But other cassette tapes of mine have deteriorated through time. And in the past 17 years since I bought my first Pearl Jam cassette tape, I consider it a miracle that all of them are still in good working condition.


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