Langit. Luha.

langit-luhaSilent Sanctuary
2015 Philippine Copyright
Distributor: Ivory Music & Video, Inc.

When I went to the counter and was about to pay for this, one of the cashier staff who was doing the packing examined the cover. Then she blurted out how chaka (gay lingo for “ugly”) the guy in the middle was (who is Sarkie Sarangay, the lead vocalist). I was just NR (no reaction) when I heard that and I’d like to forgive the girl. Because long ago, when I discovered that the original vocalist Norman has left already and replaced by Sarkie, that was also my same spontaneous reaction, particularly when it is his beautiful and charming voice that I first heard before I saw his face.

So when I saw him for the first time on TV, I got surprised to discover how too ordinary and thin his appearance was. His face was oily and his hair seems like he forgot to comb it. Even though their songs are agreeable to my ears, his voice is soothing and out of this world, I could even declare that his singing gives me goosebumps, I still was not inspired to buy their album because I couldn’t put my faith in a guy who appeared on TV looking like he’s sad and miserable. But they went on to become one of the most popular bands these days because of their unforgettable love songs accompanied by a nice mix of guitars and violins.

My dislike disappeared when I saw Sarkie in Eat Bulaga a few weeks ago, singing their hit “Sa ‘yo.” I couldn’t help but noticed how his getup or looks have improved. And he’s gained weight, perhaps an effect of their financial blessing after getting recognition for their work.

“Langit. Luha.” is another album about love and relationships. It appears to me that they know what they want: just sing about love and relationships. So don’t expect to hear anything about patriotism, social issues, or a rap in the middle of their song. “Langit. Luha.” is like a dagger through the heart. It can make you bleed with sentimentality and instrospection but still leaving you with a wonderful feeling of tranquility. Because here, songs are sung in a sorrowful but beautiful melodies that you wouldn’t even notice if he’s already cursing over a separation.


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