birthday gifts

Last November 22, I turned 37 years old. Yehey! Well, it was just an ordinary day where I still had to bath my dogs, Bea and Douglas, administer Frontline to them because of their fleas, and do household duties. I also found time to write a blog about a book I just finished reading. I was told by my father to visit the church, attend mass because it was Christ the King, and feeling disgusted, I decided not to. I no longer go to church (I observed that some mean people I know go to church) and since I was young, I’ve never been at home inside a church. I get sleepy and anxious inside it. I just like to pray alone.

My birthday feast was composed of a chocolate cake from Mary Grace (I love chocolate cakes, especially when it’s made with high grade ingredients), roasted chicken from Andoks (just love their sauce!), and spaghetti family pan from Jollibee (then I added lots of Eden cheese on top because I love lots of cheese in a spaghetti). And celebrating with me were just my father and brother and a nephew, a cousin’s son. There was nothing spectacular. It was just a moment of sharing my blessing with a few people in a simple way.

And my birthday wouldn’t be complete without buying myself a gift or gifts to add to my collection. I bought: Pearl Jam and Madonna’s latest albums, the 2015 Disnep-Pixar’s film Inside Out in VCD (it was shown in local theaters just a few months ago which many people liked very much which I haven’t seen), and Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink (a book mentioned to me by a friend from long ago, I still remember his name, his name was Marc, when we were talking about first impressions inside a bookstore). Here are my rewards to myself!


It’s my 37th birthday last November 22 and it was just an ordinary day but that day, I cried my heart out on a split second scene from the movie Inside Out. And it’s been a magical experience listening to Pearl Jam’s Lightning Bolt album and Madonna’s Rebel Heart album.  They are definitely worth it!  Oh, and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that book “Blink.” I wonder what it’s really about.


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