Rebel Heart


2014 Copyright, Boy Toy Inc.
2015 Philippine Copyright by Universal Music International

First you love me and I let you in
Made me feel like I was born again
You empowered me, you made me strong
Built me up and I can do no wrong
I let down my guard, I fell into your arms
Forgot who I was, I didn’t hear the alarms
Now I’m down on my knees, alone in the dark
I was blind to your game
You fired a shot in my heart

Took me to heaven and let me fall down
Now that it’s over
I’m gonna carry on
Lifted me up, and watched me stumble
After the heartache, I’m gonna carry on
Living for love
Living for love
I’m not giving up
I’m gonna carry on
Living for love
I’m Living for love
Not gonna stop
Love’s gonna lift me up

Above is the opening track called “Living for love” and it became my instant favorite for its groovy vibes. The rest of the album is just… wow!

I like how the songs were arranged, from the opening song up to the last song—the empowering and sentimental title track called “Rebel Heart.” This album is a real proof that Madonna has definitely reached the status of an icon. Rebel Heart is flawless.

The album does not have a lyrics sheet but thankfully Madonna sings clearly most of the time so it became an enjoyable trip listening to her songs. For example, in “Joan of Arc,” it has a part that goes:

One little lie can ruin my day
Words are like weapons, they betray
When I am afraid
One word of kindness, it can save me

Then surrounding these haunting lyrics is a beautiful melody that makes you wanna sit and listen. My other personal favorites are “Hold Tight,” “Joan of Arc,” “Iconic,” “Veni Vidi Vici,” and the title track, “Rebel Heart.”

“Rebel Heart explores two very distinct sides of my personality, the rebellious renegade side of me and the romantic side of me,” shares Madonna in one of her interviews. And that became the hook, the one reason for me to search, wait, and buy this album. The songs may be Madonna’s musical expression of her life experiences now that she’s 57 with a touch of gimmickry and naughtiness here and there. But while listening to each of her songs and singing them inside my head, I feel like I’m singing about my own journey and philosophical reflections now that I’m 37.

Simply put, Madonna’s Rebel Heart is worth every centavo I paid for.


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