Cell Site

Petition Letter to Mayor Hernandez of Montalban Opposing Cell Site Installation in Amityville Subdivision.

21 December 2015

Hon. Cecilio C. Fernandez
Municipal Mayor
Rodriguez, Rizal

Dear Hon. Hernandez:

There is a cell site that is under construction in our subdivision and it’s just stone’s throw away from our house. They dug a deep, wide hole into the soil about the size of a swimming pool.

The issue here is that the Officers and Board of Directors of Amityville Homeowners Association (AHA) did not ask for our permission about this, particularly us, the homeowners who are in close proximity to the proposed radioactive cell site. If we have known that there is going to be a cellular tower to be installed near our homes, we’d surely oppose it. And now that the construction is ongoing, our lives are being endangered because of the negative effects of this proposed radioactive cell site.

We’ve met with the president of AHA, Mr. Edilberto Braganza, three times complaining about this and in his indifferent and nonchalant reply, he said that the construction will continue since it has a permit from the building official of Montalban. He also denied that a cell site causes cancer. I, together with my fellow Amityville resident/homeowner Mr. Fernando Camba, could not help but express my rage due to the lack of concern and interest of Mr. Braganza to our problem. (Mr. Braganza, by the way, is an employee in your office, the Municipal of Montalban). We could see clearly in his face that he was unmoved by our anger which is actually our screams (to ask) for help to stop the cell site installation near our homes. Have we known we would strongly object it.

For your information, there was no written notice about the impending cell site construction. I’ve asked other homeowners about this and they, too, were kept in the dark. It is obvious that only the Officers and Board of Directors of AHA are making decisions among themselves. These officers and board of directors of AHA are supposed to be our leaders, our protectors in our subdivision but to our disgust, they turned out to be business dealers exploiting their posts as officers and board of directors of AHA. It is obvious that they have disrespected the By-Laws of Amityville Homeowners Association. And the integrity of Mr. Edilberto Braganza et al. is questionable. I am also a public servant, a worker from the Commission on Human Rights and clearly, our rights as homeowners have been violated.

Here is the source of our complaint:

Building Permit: 15-11-556 (Note: This was approved only last 17 Dec 2015)
Date Issued: 26 October 2015
Name of Project: Prop. Cell Site
Owner: Dominer Pointe Inc. (In partnership with BellTel Phils.)
Location: 2nd Mt. Samat St., Amityville Subd., Brgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal
Architect/Engineer: Engr. Frederick L. Cruz
Other information: The owner of the lot (the seller) is a relative of two of the board of directors of AHA.

We are aware that there is still no proven study about the dangerous effects of cell sites but so far, according to Agnette Peralta of the Department of Health, medical studies have confirmed that exposure to cell site radiation increases thermal or body heat. I have also attached articles regarding the dangers of cell sites in a residential area.

And common sense, THERE IS RADIATION that is going to be released nonstop and we would be gravely exposed to this radiation 24/7. Common sense (even conscience) can tell you that this is bad.

Therefore, we, the undersigned (the homeowners living near the cell site), are STRONGLY URGING YOU AND YOUR OFFICIALS TO STOP THIS CELL SITE INSTALLATION. We demand that this cell site be placed far away from us because of the radiation that it would emit.

Mayor Hernandez, we look forward to your prompt action.


and 19 other homeowners/residents

Attached pictures and articles:


SDC12107Untitled-7 copy

Untitled-8 copy

Untitled-9 copy

Untitled-10 copy

Untitled-11 copy

Untitled-12 copy

Untitled-13 copy

Untitled-14 copy


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