my bebe love: #kiligpamore (a belated post)

My_Bebe_LoveJoined the 2015 Metro Manila Film Festival and among the films that were shown, my sister and I picked Eat Bulaga’s loveteam phenomenon/ Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza starrer, My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore at Robinsons Galleria. We just watched to see Alden and Maine together in a movie and as a non-Aldub fan (while my older sister does!), I could say that I had a pleasant and comfortable trip watching the movie. Maine, who was discovered by the longest noontime show in the Philippines Eat Bulaga through her hilarious dubsmashing in YouTube, is a newcomer in acting and in fairness, she did not disappoint.

The story begins with a conflict between Cora Talatala (a spinster) and Vito Carillo (a widower), owners of competing event management firms, having a feud over a single venue that they’re fighting tooth and nail to get their way for the sake of their respective clients’ requests. And as each of them is preoccupied doing things to outdo, outsmart, and outlast the other, Cora’s nephew Dondi Talatala (Alden Richards) and Vito’s daughter Anna Carillo (Maine Mendoza) cross paths. Then they look at each other as if they’re gazing into a lover’s eyes. Is this love at first sight? Aware of their predicament, Dondi courts Anna secretly. And this is where we, the audience, got what we came there for: #kiligmoments.

I liked it that the dialogues between Dondi and Anna were realistic, dialogues that a guy would say in real life when he is courting a girl he’s attracted to and I liked it that Maine delivered her acting naturally, I actually did not see Maine. I only saw Anna who was this stubborn and rebellious daughter of Vic Sotto’s character.

So when Cora and Vito discover Dondi and Anna’s secret relationship, spending time somewhere, all hell breaks loose forcing Cora and Vito to team up and look for Dondi and Anna. But this team up leads to a twist in the story: while they are taking a rest somewhere in the middle of the road and in the middle of the night talking about their “young ones” and also, talking about their personal lives over bottles of beer, they kiss. Well, you know what happens next.

What happens next is that it is now Dondi and Anna’s turn to search for their respective “loved ones.” There will be confusion. Vito will now avoid Cora everytime they see each other because of what happened between them. But Cora is sad about this. Vito will feel sad, too, confused about his feelings. Dondi and Anna, to make up for their mistake, will go in-between to reunite them.

My Bebe Love: #KiligPaMore is comfortable to watch especially when you just want to sit back and relax and simply remember what it feels to be kilig again.


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