Bad smells of corruption


A Dominer Pointe, Inc. in partnership with Bell Telecommunication’s cell site owned by Dante Ang will be erected in 2nd Mt. Samat Amityville Subdivision, Bgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal. My family and I live in Mt. Samat and our house is about 17 meters away from the proposed cell site—a cell site that’s just between our house and the house of the Camba family. And this proposed cell site was approved by the following politicians of Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal:

  1. Mayor Cecilio C. Hernandez
  2. Vice Mayor Jonas J. Cruz
  3. Councilor Rommel C. Ayuson
  4. Councilor Glenn S. Evangelista
  5. Councilor Katrina Ramos-Leyva
  6. Councilor Mark Anthony C. Marcelo
  7. Councilor Arman Leo H. Angeles
  8. Councilor Mario Roderick C. Lazarte
  9. Councilor Roger N. Frias
  10. Councilor Richard M. Buizon

From 5 December 2015 to present year 2016, we’ve been complaining and demanding from the accountable officials of Amityville Homeowners Association (AHA), from the officials of the Municipality of Rodriguez/Montalban through mayor Cecilio Hernandez to stop the cell site installation. Six days ago, 19 January 2016, a council hearing on our petition letter signed by 70 homeowners and residents of Amityville Subdivision against the proposed cell site was held at the Sangguniang Bayan Session Hall. It was attended by Coun. Arman Leo Angeles, chairman of the Committee on Public Utility; Robert Bondad Jr., Dominer Pointe Inc./ BellTel Phils. representative; Edilberto Braganza and Louie Rosario, president and board of director respectively of Amityville Homeowners Association (AHA); Engr. Josefino Amado of MPDC; and homeowners/residents of Amityville, Mr. Doyle Camba, son of Mr. Fernando Camba (a new homeowner of barely 6 months), Atty. Celestino Alcantara (one of the first ten homeowners/residents of Amityville Subdivision), and yours truly (resident of 7 years). Not present but included in the Notice of Meeting were Coun. Glenn Evangelista, vice chairman of the Committee on Public Utility; and Coun. Rommel C. Ayuson, member of the Committee on Public Utility.

The said council hearing was open-ended. When we asked Mr. Bondad of DPI BellTel if the cell site construction would still continue despite our complaint, he said yes. Coun. Angeles, however, said that a committee hearing will be scheduled to deliberate on what have been discussed. The final judgment is still so far away and we’re afraid that it would be too late before they call on a committee hearing and the future is uncertain if the decision will favor us.

On behalf of my family and Camba family, I stand firm in my demand to stop the cell site installation because of three reasons:

  1. The cell site doesn’t have consent from the homeowners of Amityville, particularly us, who are really close to the proposed cell site. Have we known, we would strongly object it. A cell site is not just any ordinary structure. It produces radiation which can be hazardous to our health.
  2. There was a failure from the part of the officers and board of directors of AHA to organize a General Assembly of homeowners and residents of Amityville Subdivision that would inform us about the plan for a cell site, that would explain where the money would go and how much is the rental payment, and that would give us a venue to vote or not to vote for it. (When we were doing the house-to-house to get signatures, majority of the homeowners and residents got no idea that there was going to be a cellular tower to be installed in Amityville.)
  3. Mr. Bondad, DPI BellTel representative, argued that they conducted a survey with the families living near the cell site before they did the digging. The people who signed the survey that was shown to me, who gave their approval to the cell site, are some of the officers and board of directors of AHA, informal settlers, and construction workers. In Mt. Samat, there are three houses nearest to the proposed cell site.  I asked them why, of all people, we’re the only ones (the bonafide homeowners and residents) who were skipped. Mr. Braganza, president of AHA, argued it’s because I wasn’t around when they conducted the survey. Mr. Braganza even declared that my father approved the cell site. I made a rebuttal and asked, “If that’s true, why does my father’s name and signature not there in the survey.” Mr. Braganza did not respond to my question.

Update: We received a rumor that the lot where the cell site will be erected is owned by Governor Ynares’ relative who doesn’t live in Amityville.



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