Dominer Pointe Inc./BellTel Phils. cell site

4 February 2016, Thursday
1:00AM, Philippine time

Just an hour ago, a huge truck arrived carrying materials for the cellular tower. There were five men. I grabbed my digicam, went out, and approached them. The neighborhood was quiet. My rage got activated again (like the Hulk) and reprimanded those men to stop. Told them to never drop their things in the site or else I’ll smash them with a hammer or give them away to the squatters for their homes. I went back to our house and woke up my 74 year-old father. I went out again then shouted for my 70 year-old neighbor’s name, Mang Fernando, in the middle of the night. I kept shouting for his name, had no plans to stop ’til I wake him up and thank God he did. I told Mang Fernando that there were men bringing materials for the cellular tower (I need to wake up my father and Mang Fernando so I have witnesses and it’s not just me). I took pictures of the men, the truck, and the stuff they brought for the cellular tower. Told them that there is a Cease and Desist Order for the construction of the cell site because of our complaint. They said they don’t know anything about it and that they need to call the engineer first. I called councilor Angeles and was in a rage telling him about this truck with men about to bring down materials for the cellular tower. I asked him to come to our place. Coun. Angeles said he couldn’t because he and other councilors were on their way to Palawan and that he’d just inform the municipal engineer to admonish the construction workers. I texted other homeowners who were for sure sleeping (being senior citizens) so that at least when they wake up they’d get my message. The men were trying to call the engineer. It was already in the middle of the night. I told them they should follow the order (I brought the notice with me) and not the engineer. I asked about the name of the engineer. The men said they do not know. They said they’d just bring down the materials for the tower and leave. I said no. Because that cellular tower will not gonna happen. I said I will destroy their things if they bring them down. Fortunately, the men seem like good people that they left, bringing with them the materials for the cellular tower.

Attention to the following:

Mayor Cecilio C. Hernandez
Vice Mayor Jonas J. Cruz
Councilor Rommel C. Ayuson
Councilor Glenn S. Evangelista
Councilor Katrina Ramos-Leyva
Councilor Mark Anthony C. Marcelo
Councilor Arman Leo H. Angeles
Councilor Mario Roderick C. Lazarte
Councilor Roger N. Frias
Councilor Richard M. Buizon
Officials of Amityville Homeowners Association

Kayo nag-approve ng cell site na ‘yan dito sa subdivision namin and to our deep disgust, near our house. Alisin nyo itong cell site!







The truck leaving.  Salamat sa Diyos.


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