The Great Unknown

Sarah_G_The_Great_UnknownSarah Geronimo
Philippine Copyright 2015
Viva Records Corporation

What I appreciate about Sarah’s new album is that all the songs are originals, she produced this with Civ Fontanilla (which means Sarah had freedom choosing over which songs to include in her new album), and a far cry from her previous albums.  If you’re looking for a fun album, this is not the one.  For majority of the songs here are kind of melancholic and perhaps reflective of Sarah’s heart at this critical moment of her life as a 27 year-old.  I know where she’s coming from, I know what it feels like to be in mid-20s for I’ve been there before–confused, at the crossroads, something like that–and although I’ve surpassed that stage already and know what I really want now, listening to her songs makes me, for some strange reason, humble.  I like Sarah’s duet with the band Hale called “The Great Unknown.”  I also like very much the last two songs, “Tala” and “Misteryo.”

You know what I don’t appreciate about this album:  wala syang leaflet, walang lyrics sheet!

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