Spur of the moment

Today, 5 February 2016, taking an emergency leave from work (although there’s no such thing as emergency leave), I took the courage to go to the office of Dominer Pointe Inc. to file a complaint about the cell site that they are going to put.  According to their building permit, their office is in Unit 402, Prestige Tower, Ortigas Center, Pasig City.  So I went.  To my surprise, Unit 402 is unoccupied, vacant, got no tenant, totally dark inside, and padlocked.  I called their contact numbers, 633-9757 to 58 (as specified in their building permit) and again, to my surprise, it’s not their number.  It is a number of a law firm in Discovery Suites.

They falsified the information when they filled-out their application for a Building Permit!  I’m thinking now who really is/are the “entity/ies or person/s” behind this proposed cell site in Amityville Subd.




The materials for the cellular tower that arrived yesterday despite the cease and desist order from the mayor came from Antipolo.  Now I’m wondering why the order came from Antipolo.  There was this rumor that our governor of Rizal or her relative has something to do with this lot in Amityville where the cell site would be placed.  So I delivered a letter to the Office of the Governor of Rizal three days ago, 2 February, to file a complaint letter about this proposed cell site approved by our mayor and his councilors and see how our governor would respond to it.  (I just hope the rumor isn’t true.)

I also contacted San Miguel Corporation through their Customer Care Hotline and informed them about this situation involving San Miguel’s subsidiary, Bell Telecommunications Phils. (BellTel Phils.), if they know something about this.  I was asked to send a letter to this HR Consultant (I was given a contact) of BellTel Phils. which I did right away with pictures attached to it.  Will follow up next week.


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