General Assembly of Homeowners in Amityville Subd.

As part of my advocacy against cell site in Mt. Samat St., Amityville Subdivision, last 31 January and 7 February 2016, I initiated two General Assembly meetings of homeowners (mostly retired UP and government employees) and residents of Amityville Subdivision, Bgy. San Jose, Rodriguez, Rizal.

Out of the 40 that I was able to invite to the 1st General Assembly (I did the house-to-house alone) on 31 January 2016 (Sunday) which was supported by retired lawyer Celestino Alcantara (one of the first 10 residents of Amityville Subd.) and Engr. Menandro Ramos, former president of Amityville Homeowners Association (AHA) and more than 15 years resident then later homeowner, by signing the invitation letter that I distributed, 23 people came.  It was held at the AHA Multi-Purpose Hall.  Issues and problems and corresponding action plan were discussed and they are the following:

  1. Petition letter against Dominer Pointe Inc./BellTel Phils. cell site in Mt. Samat that was submitted to the mayor, to Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board, and the Department of Health.
  2. Proliferation of informal settlers inside Amityville Subdivision since the current officials of AHA held their posts.
  3. Complaint against some of the officers and directors of AHA composed of Butch Braganza (president), Jun Padama (vice president), Louie Rosario (director), Christopher Toliongco (director), Marcelito Ramos (director), Paul Jake Cuenca (director), Nicanor Braganza (director), and Erwin Capalungan (director) for their negligence in the fulfillment of their duties.

For the 2nd General Assembly on 7 February 2016, accompanied by Mr. Bernard Villareal of Sierra Madre St. and Ms. Emily of Mt. Baco, we’ve invited personally and by formal letter (c/o Mr. Villareal) the current AHA president, Mr. Braganza, and his entire officials in AHA to attend the said meeting and we requested Mr. Braganza to report to us the financial status of Amityville Subd. But Mr. Braganza brushed us off and told us that they’d be the one to call for a General Assembly, that he had to gather his officers first, that the homeowners of Amityville are delinquents anyway.  I told him that homeowners don’t pay monthly dues because they complained that the officials of AHA have never conducted a General Assembly to present a financial report and tanods or barangay peacekeeping and security officers are nowhere to be seen/found inside the subdivision thus the proliferation of squatters and burglary.  Mr. Braganza insisted that they’d be the one to call for a General Assembly meeting.  We said okay then left.

Without them, the officials of AHA, we’ve decided to push through with the 2nd General Assembly but unfortunately this time, Mr. Braganza did not give us the key to the AHA Multi-Purpose Hall.  So we held our meeting inside a chapel.

Thanks to the homeowners who, despite their old age, came so we could discuss and share problems.  We were around 30, wala pa sa kalahati ng total number of homeowners since not everyone was in their house when we did the inviting.  Unfortunately for me, I was already exhausted and stressed with what I was doing for and during the meeting that somebody noticed that I spoke authoritatively.  Just to cut a long story short, I was advised by a concerned homeowner (that’s Engr. Ramos) to just concentrate on the removal of the cell site. ‘Saka na yung ibang problema.  Yung sa informal settlers and officials of AHA these can be solved through an election of new officers.

Again, thanks to these people who came.











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