Facebook user

At the start of this year, for a change, I joined Facebook.

For millions of years I abhorred and avoided joining Facebook.  I wasn’t into increasing my network.  I wasn’t into people “liking” my posts.  I just like to write. And if somebody stumbled upon my work and liked it, that feels great, thank you so much for that.  That’s why since I’ve used the social media as my emotional outlet, it’s just the blog sites that I used:  Friendster (which became extinct because of the popularity of Facebook), Multiply (which also became extinct because of the popularity of, again, the Facebook), then now, WordPress (hope this site will last for a long time like Facebook).

WordPress is now my new place of refuge where I release my demons or anything that I’m thinking about. Been writing here since August 2012 (thank you, WordPress).  I also write my experiences here, good and bad.  And it’s thrilling when somebody takes a visit of what I’m writing about whoever they are or wherever they are.  I also received pleasant surprises when the subject of my article gets to reply to my posts like Ney Dimaculangan, former lead vocalist of 6Cyclemind, and Dr. Raymund Narag, a former UP fratman and former detainee who was wrongly accused of murder and jailed for 7 years.  Budjette Tan, one of the creators of Trese comics, dropped a message to my blog twice but that was in Multiply and the remembrance of it is gone.  But thank you for making the effort to reply.  I mean, there are millions of netizens out there who are, just like me, posting and writing a lot of stuff on the Internet.  And to be the “chosen one,”  I mean they don’t even know me personally, it’s really amazing. Including this one stranger who dropped a message to my blog and said, “Glad I came here.”  I felt happy.  You never know how it made me happy because I wasn’t expecting anything.  It’s very quite rewarding in itself to write online, in cyberspace, and you’re not expecting to see how many people have “liked” your post.  It’s also a bonus that I have 39 followers, most of them I never met.  To them, thanks for clicking the “follow” button and showing interest.

You know what, after joining Facebook, it has been a wonderful experience, too, to the point that I’ve become addicted to it.  It’s more interactive and I get to see a glimpse of other people’s lives.  And it’s thrilling, too, to see my contacts “liking” my posts especially when they are pictures, even if it’s an ugly picture, I noticed that people like to click on the “like” button.  Facebook is funny that way.  Though I’ve joined Facebook, I’m still not that type of person who is into increasing my contacts to thousands of people.  I still limit it to people I know.  What made me decide to join Facebook, you ask?  Well I like checking my sister’s friends FB page using her account since I don’t have one.  I would also make comments there using my sister’s account (she’s an older sister) and I’d just introduce myself as my older sister’s sister. My older sister would tease me to create my own account.  For a long time, I didn’t want to.  I hate receiving “friend request” from people, especially from men whom I know.  And I don’t wanna hurt their feelings at the same time for rejecting them by not accepting them as my “friend” if I do have one.  Well, I did have one (when I had a new boyfriend and I wanted to monitor him–bad I know!) but I deleted that after 4 days because it became so addicting and I just wanna concentrate on one account to save my time to other more worthwhile activities.

I don’t know if it’s just the New Year effect, without even thinking, I just created my own account then started reaching out to former colleagues and classmates, former neighbors, and relatives.  I also have this crusade against a Dominer Pointe Inc./BellTel Phils. cell site which I want to spread around through Facebook, for what it’s worth.

This year also, I joined Twitter.  I have a few posts already and most of the time I’m checking the posts of celebrities and reporters.  In Twitter, you’re limited to writing texts under or exactly 140 characters.  So it’s really quite a challenge to me who is used to writing in paragraphs.  Twitter can be a good training for writing concisely.

Since Facebook and Twitter are new to me, and anything new brings delight to a new user like me, there are things that I’ve taken for granted which I feel is not right.  I miss reading the newspaper, my books.  There is a book that remains unfinished because of my constant engagement with Facebook and Twitter.


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