I call myself “theuntouchableone” here in WordPress. My username (what I use whenever I log in to WordPress) is actually based on the 1998 song, “Untouchable Ones,” by a local band called Barbie’s Cradle.  It is one of the songs in the album that became my instant fave.

One more time we sail across our unionBarbie's Cradle
We’re gonna have to lie because we’re tied up someplace else
When we end how we pretend that it’s true
But everytime I disappear, I disappear with you
Thank you for your little bit of concern
You are oxygen and I won’t breathe otherwise
I wonder how long I won’t be sleeping over this
Some strange sobriety gets us so high
As we breathe the energy that fills the night
We’re untouchable ones
Throwing dangerous stares
We’re untouchable ones
Making love through the air
Oh no please don’t tell me I should get on
And insist that you are not the one
How we’d cheat if we would discontinue what we’ve begun


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