A questionable decision (Cell site in Amityville)

I almost got a heart attack this morning when I discovered these documents on my working table that nobody at home told me about, or forgot to tell me.  Didn’t notice it last night for it was beneath a notebook used as paper weight. And I have other papers also on the table, all cell site-related, so I thought they’re just my old stuff.  Those documents are copy of the letters from the Office of the Mayor and Office of Municipal Engineer of Rodriguez, Rizal that arrived in the afternoon of 30 March 2016, Wednesday, according to my younger brother.  Here are those letters.



Had to be absent from work so I could attend to this and go to the municipal hall to verify these documents.  Documents that tell us they’re lifting the Notice of Suspension with Cease and Desist Order for the construction of Dominer Pointe Inc./BellTel Phils. cell site near our house.  Got a chance to talk with Engr. Almario and he said he was just following order from the mayor.  I am not a lawyer but I asked him where is the resolution from the Sangguniang Bayan, where are the attachments that indeed both the contractor and subcontractor complied with all the requirements when obviously they are not (IT GOT NO CONSENT FROM US, THE BONAFIDE HOMEOWNERS AND RESIDENTS OF AMITYVILLE.  We sent a position paper with evidences, did he read it?  He said no, he didn’t see the document, I said didn’t he look for our position paper with Coun. Angeles, he said he did, he said they based their decision on their legal counsel’s recommendation and upon the mayor’s order.   He said if I need copies of those documents that weren’t attached I should submit a formal letter.

To be continued.


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